Teak Tuning Teak Tuning Y-Truck/Dynamic Edition Tuning Kit - Red

Teak Tuning Y-Truck/Dynamic Edition Tuning Kit - Red


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The Y-Version Teak Tuning set is designed specifically for Y-Trucks and Dynamic Trucks.


The Teak O-Rings are made from a high quality, durable, responsive, and tear resistant material that lasts a long time and performs great.


Each set comes with: 4 Ytruck/Dynamic Version Bushings (2x small TOP bushings, 2x larger BOTTOM bushings),2 Ytruck/Dynamic Version Washers (2x small TOP washers, 2x larger BOTTOM washers), and 1 Teak sticker.


This tuning can also be used on standard trucks in addition to Y-Trucks and Dynamic Trucks.



Small Parts. Not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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