Fingerboard Dictionary

Fingerboard Dictionary

See a fingerboard term you haven't come across before? Or new to fingerboarding entirely? Here's a glossary to help you out!


The straight bar piece of a truck that is threaded on each end to allow for wheels to be attached.


Riding with no wheels touching the ground.

Base Plate

The bottom portion of trucks that is attached directly to a deck. Has threaded holes to allow for attachment to truck. Can have a threaded hole for kingpin and a solid kingpin attached with a threaded end.


Part of the wheel that allows it to spin freely. Are pressed into wheels and have fasteners tightened against them to keep the wheel attached. Can be measured in ABEC rating.

Bearing Wheel

A wheel that contains a bearing to make it spin smoother and faster.

Bubble Bushing

A custom designed conical tuning based from real skateboards, original to Teak Tuning. (examples)

Collab Tuning

A combination mixing O-Rings and Bubble Bushings for a uniquely responsive feel.


The base board of a fingerboard. Normally made of wood with a veneer, but can come in different materials and finishes. (examples)

Deck Shape

The shape of a deck, either meaning profile shape (also called concavity) or the actual top down shape.


Hardness of a material - usually measured in Shore D for wheels and Shore A for tuning.

Foam Tape

The most common type of grip tape. Soft with a foam-like texture for a medium amount of grip.

Gecko Grip

A unique line of grip tape with unusual textures for extremely light or heavy grips or different feels. (examples)

Graphic Wrap

An adhesive vinyl that applies to the bottom of the deck to give it a special design or pattern. Can be added and removed at will. (examples)

Grind Rail

A (generally metal) bar that you grind or slide your fingerboard trucks on. (examples)

Grip Tape

A material that goes on top of the deck to improve grip on the board. Can have a variety of different materials, textures, and grip levels.

Half Pipe

A ramp that is shaped like a U, with a flat section on each "top" portion.


The portion of fingerboard trucks that wheels attach to. It has threaded ends that wheels slide onto and are fastened down on. Pushes against baseplate at pivot point and can have pivot tuning, called pivot cups, on the hanger itself or in the baseplate where the hanger rests.


Small basic parts that are involved in fingerboard assembly - screws, nuts, bolts, washers, bearings, and spacers.


The pin in a truck that allows for the hanger to be attached to. Can either be a screw that threads and tightens into a baseplate or can be attached to baseplate with a threaded top that allows for a nut to be attached. Tuning is generally placed on the kingpin.


Locking version a of hex nut that reduces probability of it loosening. Often uses a nylon insert to achieve "locking" feature.


A deck used for cruising, is typically flat, and is longer than a normal deck. (example)


The front of a fingerboard.


Typically hex-shaped nuts that go on your trucks.

O-Ring Kit

O-Rings are donut shaped bushings that give a medium truck tightness. Kits will include washers and pivot cups. (examples)

Pivot Cups

Small strands of tubing that are inserted into the baseplate to support trucks when turning. Not necessary for fingerboarding, but some prefer to have them.


One thin piece of wood that is laminated together with other plies to create a deck.

Quarter Pipe

Ramp that transitions from horizontal to any angle - usually the shape of 1 quarter of a circle.


An object you ride your fingerboard on. Can be designed for fingerboarding or a random object you are able to ride on. (examples)

Single Axle Trucks

Trucks that don't require a spacer and have a single, solid axle (as opposed to spacer trucks). (examples)

Skate Grip Tape

Grip tape that mimics the feel of a standard skateboard grip.

Spacer Trucks

Trucks that require a spacer to adjust to the desired width. (examples)

Starter Set

An introductory set to fingerboarding with everything needed to assemble a first fingerboard. Tuning comes pre-installed on trucks. Often includes extras like graphic wraps. (examples)


The back of the fingerboard.


Trucks are the part of a fingerboard that attach to your deck and your wheels. (examples)


A part of a fingerboard installed on trucks, that allows for customization of movement.


Usually somewhere between 6 and 9mm in diameter, made of polyurethane. Can come in various hardnesses and colorways. (examples)


A deck made of 5 veneers laminated together.


A deck made of 6 veneers laminated together.

Fingerboard Dictionary