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What is my tracking number?

If you used an email address at the time of placing your order you will receive tracking information automatically when the order ships!

What date will my package arrive? 

The carrier’s website provides all of the same information to you that it does to us. Please use your tracking number to search the carrier’s website. If you don’t have it, please feel free to contact us and we can provide it.

Where is my package?

The carrier’s website provides all of the same information to you that it does to us. Please use your tracking number to search the carrier’s website. If you don’t have it, please feel free to contact us and we can provide it. 

The ShopApp says my package is being delivered to a dumpster near my neighborhood

The tracking information provided there is approximated. Please use your tracking number to search the carrier’s website.

Why hasn’t my order been shipped yet?

We ship the same day, at the latest the following business day. We do not ship on weekends. If your package hasn’t shipped, it is most likely due to us waiting on a response from you. We have most likely reached out about an out of stock item, or address issue.

My shipment was supposed to be here tonight and it’s not yet!

Some carriers will mark packages for delivery or delivered a day early in anticipation of them being delivered. We would recommend waiting 1 full business day after the delivery date if you have not received an item before contacting us.

I chose 2-day shipping, but it has been 4 days.

Shipping options go into effect once an item has actually left our facility. This is standard for most ecommerce businesses. We do not ship on the weekends, and otherwise ship the same day or next business day. The package was likely delayed by the carrier, in which case we do not have control over this. Please check your tracking to confirm this before contacting us. You would not be refunded in this instance as we fulfilled our side of the shipping requirements. If we failed to ship your item with the appropriate method, or held your product for an inordinate amount of time before processing for no reason other than our own doing, you are eligible for a refund on shipping.

I put the incorrect address on my order, how can I update it?

If you've put the incorrect address on your order, please attempt to contact us ASAP. We are able to update the order if it has not shipped. We are not responsible for incomplete or undeliverable addresses. It is your responsibility to ship the item(s) to the correct address. If the item has already shipped, we can not update the address. You will need to contact the carrier to attempt to rectify the issue, or wait for a possible return to sender so we can send the item(s) back out to you.



Can I have a product for free?

If we could give everyone a fingerboard so the whole world could fingerboard we would. But we are a small company, and despite how much we may want to, sending out free items is something we can’t do.

When will X product be back in stock?

You can email us and inquire, but it’s possible we may not know yet either. The best way to keep up-to-date on this is to use our option of “Notify Me When Available” that is on a product page when it is out of stock.

Which board should I buy?

Please see our blog post(s) 

How do I put the board together?

Please see our blog post(s)

My board came with upgraded bushings, where do they go?

Please see our blog post(s)



I didn’t receive an order confirmation

Email confirmations are tied to the email address used. Make sure to check your spam folder as well.

My order was denied for an incorrect zip code, but I know my address!

You will need to contact your bank. The reason this happens is due to a discrepancy in your billing and shipping information.

It shows I was charged, but my order didn’t go through

In the event of a declined payment, the bank may hold your funds for a short period of time before refunding them back into your account. If you have any concerns, please contact your bank.

You canceled my order because it was fraud, but it wasn’t fraud!

If your order was flagged for fraud by our system, it’s very likely that it will get canceled. Orders can be flagged by our system for various reasons. Make sure you’re using all of your valid information, and information that is connected to you. If an order is canceled for fraud, we will need to verify your identity via phone or with valid information on the order. If you are unable to verify your identity, any subsequent orders will continue to be canceled.

I need to cancel my order

If you need to cancel your order, please email us immediately.



Can you sponsor me?

Sponsorship is not for everyone. It takes more than some nice tricks and a good edit to shine as a sponsored rider. Teak looks to sponsor those who have been in and contributing to the fingerboarding community as a whole, over time. They’ve continually brought energy, style, support and integrity to the scene. They’ve put in the hard work with the determination to make it happen. They did not simply just ask or take, but took action to show their ability. If you feel this is you, then by all means please reach out.

Can you send me a product(s) for reviews?

Please see the answer above. For us to feel inclined, you must not have just viewers/fans, but represent and present yourself in such a way that is inline with our mission and brand.