How To Install Bubble Bushings

Pro Duro Bubble Bushings are professional shaped bushings for your fingerboard trucks. Each set is molded from an ultra-premium silicone material with a consistent shape and hole placement on every single bushing. 

Here’s everything you need to know about installing your fresh set of Pro Duro Bubble Bushings:

Step 1: Remove the current tuning

Use a tool to remove the locknut, then remove the hanger and current tuning. 

Tip: Be careful when removing the lock nut. Since it’s so tiny, it is incredibly hard to find if it is dropped on the floor or carpet.

Step 2: Install the bottom bushing

Place a Bubble Bushing onto the axle. The smaller side should be at the bottom of the axle. Tim Keefe

Step 3: Place the hanger 

Once the bottom bushing is on the axle, place the hanger back onto the axle. 

Step 4: Install the top bushing 

Place the bottom bushing on the axle. The wide side should face the hager and the thinner side should be at the top of the axle.

Tip: The wide sides of the Bubble Bushings should be facing each other on the axle. 

Step 5: Install the lock nut

Use your tool to screw the lock nut back onto the axle.

Step 6: Complete your setup 

Repeat steps 1-5 for the other truck, Once your new tuning has been installed 

Tip: Do NOT overtighten the lock nut. When a lock nut is over tightened, any tuning you use will not last as long.


Which durometer should I get?

Pro Duro Bubble Bushings come in three different durometers (hardnesses):

51A Durometer: Great for those who prefer a super loose feel - The most responsive tuning offered with maximum truck movement and range.

61A Durometer: Great for all ability levels - Very responsive – Allow for extreme truck movement and range.

71A Durometer: Great for those who prefer a tighter feel that allows for crisper movement and tricks - Provide a moderate amount of truck movement and range.

Where can I get Pro Duro Bubble Bushings?

You can purchase Pro Duro Bubble Bushings on the Teak Tuning website in the Tuning Section, or you can get a free Teak Teal set when you order a set of Prodigy Trucks


  • @fingaskate_nate801

    How do I know when to use spacers and how should I put them in?

  • yazan khalil

    Do bubble bushings last longer than o rings?

  • Lucas metoyer


    Where about should I put the O- rings Onto my trucks? I dont know where they are supposed to be placed

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How To Install Bubble Bushings