Bubble Bushings - Pro Duro Series

Custom Molded Silicone.

Completely custom, unique to Teak Tuning blend of silicone. Molded for perfect shapes, every time.

Teak Guarantee

All tuning is covered by the Teak Guarantee.

Multiple Durometers Available

Most customizable tuning on the market. Unique durometers:

51A - Extra Loose Feel
61A - Loose Feel
71A - Medium Feel

Solid Colorways

Signature Swirls

      Keeping the same shape as the OG version, the Pro Duro series are custom molded with a consistent shape and hole placement. This allows us to keep the same unique shape, but offer multiple firmness levels.

      Compatible with all major fingerboard truck brands (including wider kingpin trucks like Dynamic and Y-Truck). 

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      Bubble Bushings Fingerboard Tuning - Pro Duro Series