Eco 85D CNC Poly Wheels - Rounded Shape - Yellow Colorway


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★ COLOR: Yellow
★ HARDNESS: 85D Durometer
★ SIZE: 7.5mm diameter, 5mm wide

★ BEARING TYPE: Ultra Spin 

The Eco CNC Poly wheels feature a durable, but smooth surface, and an 85D durometer. The polymer blend material is perfect for both indoor or outdoor use.

Perfect for riders of all skill levels. Measuring 7.5mm in diameter and 5mm wide, the Rounded shape wheels are similar in size, but slightly rounder in shape than standard fingerboard wheels. Perfect for smooth riding and performing a variety of tricks. Our custom Ultra Spin bearings provide even more spin – and with the ability to full tighten the locknut down, these wheels spin forever. Compatible with all fingerboard trucks including Blackriver Trucks, Y-Trucks, Dynamic Trucks, and Tech Deck Trucks.
Perfect for riders of all skill levels. Includes a free Teak Tuning sticker.

Small Parts. Not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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