Prodigy Pro Plus Trucks, Silver Colorway - 32mm Wide - Includes 61A Pro Duro Bubble Bushings in Clear Glow + 2 Clear Pivot Cups


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32mm Prodigy Pro Plus Trucks - Silver Colorway

Set of two professional fingerboard trucks. Teak Tuning Prodigy Pro Plus trucks feature a professional shape and appearance. Designed by DTzero with additional upgraded Teak components. Each truck measures 32mm wide. Prodigy Pro Plus trucks are compatible with all types of single and dual bearing fingerboard wheels. Trucks are both assembled and tuned. Trucks include Pro Duro 61A Bubble Bushings in Clear Glow, and two Clear Pivot Cups. All necessary hardware is included - 5 lock nuts with nylon inserts, 9 screws and a standard fingerboard tool. Trucks feature an inverse kingpin design to secure the tuning into place.

Made of premium aluminum and stainless steel. The Silver Colorway Prodigy Pro Plus trucks feature a silver hanger and silver baseplate.

Small Parts. Not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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