Prodigy Pro Inverted Fingerboard Trucks, 34mm - Silver Colorway


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Set of two, 34mm wide Prodigy Pro Inverted fingerboard trucks feature a professional shape and appearance, and include gold colored locknuts. Both trucks are assembled and tuned, ready to be attached to your fingerboard. Trucks feature round shaped urethane bushings (similar to Teak Tuning bubble bushings, but firmer) with a 90A hardness level. Bushing colors may vary. All necessary hardware and a fingerboard tool is included. Spacers may be required (and are included) for certain wheels. Trucks feature an inverse kingpin design to secure the tuning into place. This inverse kingpin is compatible with all standard fingerboard tools.

Trucks have a metal construction with a smooth silver finish. Paint will wear down over time, just like regular skateboard trucks.

Teak Tuning prodigy trucks are compatible with all types of single bearing fingerboard wheels.

Small Parts. Not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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