3PK Fingerboard Skate Grip Tape, "Don't Hate, Just Skate" Cotton Candy Colorway Edition - 38mm x 114mm


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Pack of three sheets of premium fingerboard skate grip tape. The tape has "Don't Hate, Just Skate" in pink and teal. Skate grip features a gritty texture, similar to realistic skateboard grip tape. The grit provides a comfortable grip that allows for optimal control during tricks, grinds, slides, and dark slides.
Each sheet of tape measures 114mm long and 38mm wide. Sheets feature an adhesive backing for easy application. Each pack includes three sheets of grip tape.

Sheets are custom designed, printed and cut in the USA. Perfect for riders of all skill levels. Set includes a free Teak Tuning sticker.


Small Parts. Not suitable for children under the age of 14.