CNC 100D Polyurethane Fingerboard Bearing Wheels Mix, Fall Edition - Set of 4


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COLOR: Red, Yellow, Blue & Green
MATERIAL: Polyurethane
HARDNESS: 100D Durometer

Set of four CNC lathe fingerboard bearing wheels in red, yellow, green and brown. Our CNC wheels are a sensible & economical option for both beginners and seasoned fingerboarders. Each wheel is durable, with a 100D durometer and a smooth finish. Each wheel contains a single metal bearing, enabling the wheel to spin fast and ride smooth.
Teak Tuning wheels are compatible with all fingerboard trucks including Blackriver Trucks, Y-Trucks, Dynamic Trucks, and Tech Deck Trucks.

Perfect for riders of all skill levels.


Small Parts. Not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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