Teak Tuning Allen Key Kingpin Style Trucks - Pink

Allen Key Kingpin Style Trucks - Pink


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Set of fingerboard trucks made of high quality metal. Perfect for smooth grinds across rails, ramps, and more.

These kingpin style trucks allow you to make slight adjustments to the overall width of the trucks. Tighten the kingpins to decrease the overall length and loosen the kingpins to increase the overall length.

No nuts are needed! Unlike traditional trucks, your nut and wheel will not fly off during a trick with these trucks. These trucks have kingpin inserts instead of axels to provide a more secure locking system for the wheels and tuning.

The width of the trucks can be adjusted from 29mm to 32mm wide depending on how tight/loose the axels are screwed into the truck. Going past 32mm is not recommended as this will not secure the wheel. Spacers may be needed for longer lengths.

Each kit comes with two metal trucks, 4 kingpins for attaching wheels, 8 screws, an allen key tool, a standard fingerboard tool, and a mini Teak sticker. Each set features upgraded o-ring tuning and stainless steel washers.


Small Parts. Not suitable for children under the age of 14.

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