DIY Slime Drip Stickers from Ramps/Deck (Extra Large 11" Sticker Sheet)


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This DIY Slime Drip Sticker Sheet has 13 slime shaped decals on it. The sheet is 11" long and 11" wide.

The large slime decals are great for placing at the edge of a ledge or under coping, so it looks like slime is dripping from the ramp!

Small, medium, and large slime drips are included. For each size, the ends of each decal are the same size so you can connect the decals to make a long slime trail across a long ramp/ledge. 

Small slime splatters are also included on the stickers sheet for ramps and decks.

Each decal is precision cut and made-to-order in Upstate New York using high quality vinyl decal material and transfer paper from the USA.

This size sticker is great for fingerboard parks, skate parks, walls, and windows.

Choose from 24 color options!

Application instructions are included with each decal.


Small Parts. Not suitable for children under the age of 14.