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Have no fear. We have outlined exactly when you need to order by to make it to you by Christmas on our 2023 Holiday Shipping page.

The fastest way to become their favorite relative, is to give the gift of a "Teak Gift Set Bundles"

or a Mystery Box- You can thank us later

The hottest new gear under $25 can be found here. Preselected to be fun for all skill levels.

Yes, there are. But those are really throwaway toys that will be broken or tossed away almost immediately after you buy them. Teak makes and sources high quality, pro fingerboard products. We ship from New York. Everything is backed by the Teak Guarantee.

The fingerboard space is very similar to skateboarding. There are really affordable starter components and then high end parts that really transform the experience.

2023 Teak Tuning Holiday Buyers Guide