Bubble Bushings - OG Series

What are bubble bushings?
Bubble bushings are handmade fingerboard bushings. We modeled these after skateboard bushings. They are designed to be responsive and durable. 

Who needs bushings?
We think everyone! But they are especially perfect for those with a loose truck preference. Loose trucks allow for maximum movement and turning while riding.

What are the collaboration tuning kits?
Teak Tuning collaboration kits are a great combination of bubble bushings and O-Rings. Perfect for figuring out what style of tuning you prefer or for mixing tuning on a fingerboard. Mixing tuning will provide medium tightness.

Wait! Why are there five?
Each set of Teak Tuning bubble bushings comes with five bushings. We know you only need four for your fingerboard but we thought we'd throw in a little additional one.

44 products

44 products