Which Fingerboard Deck Width Should I Ride?

If you’re wondering which fingerboard deck width you should ride, here’s everything you need to know about the width options that Teak Tuning offers:

29mm Wide Decks

Background: Fingerboards started at 26mm wide back in the early 2000s and have gradually increased in width over the years. Even though 29mm is no longer the most popular option, some fingerboarders still love to use narrow width 29mm decks. 

Teak Tuning Decks: 29mm Polymer Composite Deck 

Best Trucks to Use: Teak Tuning Allen Key Trucks

Helpful Tip: The width of your deck and trucks should be the same (or close to them same width). 


32mm Wide Decks

Background: 32mm decks have been popular for many years and are considered to be the standard width. This is a great place to start fingerboarding. 

Teak Tuning Decks: Teak 32mm deck collection includes blank and exotic decks, heat transfer graphic decks, and Pixelated Poly Decks.

Best Trucks to Use: 32mm Prodigy Trucks are the best option, but 32mm Spacer Trucks will also work for riders on a budget. 

Helpful Tip: All Teak Prodigy Trucks come with lock nuts and a free set of Pro Duro Bubble Bushings. 


33.3mm Wide Decks

Background: The 33.3mm width is the “sweet spot” between the standard 32mm and 34mm decks. 

Teak Tuning Decks: 33.3mm Composite Polymer Decks and 33.3mm Longboards 

Best Trucks to Use: Both 32mm Prodigy Trucks and 34mm Prodigy Trucks can be used with 3.3mm decks. 


34mm Decks

Background: 34mm decks are great for those who have larger hands/fingers or who like to have more room on their board. 

Teak Tuning Decks: Teak 34mm deck collection includes blank, exotic, and heat transfer graphic decks. 

Trucks to Use: 34mm Prodigy Trucks


35mm Decks

Background: The 35mm width is the widest available deck at Teak Tuning, but it is still a deck width that can be ridden. This is great for riders who would like something that is wide but still able to be ridden, or for riders with larger hands or fingers. 

Teak Tuning Decks: 35mm Polymer Composite Decks

Trucks to Use: 34mm Prodigy Trucks 


  • Wheato

    I’m 12, what should I ride?

  • joseph

    I think bigger boards are better for beginners

  • Evan

    I personally like the 34-35 I think it looks better and feels a lot better

  • Luis

    first I started with a 29 mm then a 32 mm and now i ride a 3.33

  • Walter Lounsbury

    I ride 34-38mm

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