Which Bearings Should I Ride? Ultra Spin or ABEC-9 Stealth?

Teak Tuning offers two different types of bearings in the Apex Wheels lineup. While both bearings are high quality and solid options, you may prefer one over the other. Here’s everything you need to know about the Ultra Spin and ABEC-9 Stealth Bearings.

Ultra Spin Bearings

  • These bearings spin for a very long time 
  • They can have a slightly “rough” feeling when riding
  • They tend to be louder when riding
  • Lower price point

ABEC-9 Stealth Bearings

  • These bearings don’t spin for as long because the inside of the bearing is greased to increase the smoothness and longevity of the bearing
  • Silent and buttery smooth while riding
  • Higher price point

How do I know which bearings are in my Apex Wheels?

Each listing will specify what type of bearings are inside each set of Apex Wheels. 

Can I purchase the bearings on their own?

Yes, you can purchase both kinds of bearings here or by going to the “Wheel Accessories” tab under the “Wheels” section in the store.

What about bearing lock?

Bearing lock is a feature within the design of the wheel itself. Both Ultra Spin and ABEC-9 Stealth bearings are locked into place inside Apex Wheels to prevent the bearings from moving around or slipping while you ride. 

Can I take the bearings out of my Apex Wheels? Or switch them out?

We do not recommend switching out the bearings on your Apex Wheels. The bearings are incredibly hard to remove and/or install without the proper tools. This is because Apex Wheels feature a bearing pocket that locks the bearing into place inside the wheel. 

Which type of bearings should I get? 

Both are great options, but it comes down to your own personal preference. We’d recommend trying both and seeing which one you prefer. 

When will ___ bearings be available in the ___ wheels?

All Apex Wheels are handmade in the USA from start to finish in small batches so new wheels are always being released with different bearing options, durometers, shapes, and color combinations.Here are a few ways to stay in the loop:

  • Follow Teak Tuning on Instagram and Facebook. Whenever a new product is released, it will be posted on Instagram and Facebook
  • Check out the “New” section on the website. All new items are added to the “New” section on the website so new items are quick and easy to find.
  • Sign up for texts. Every so often we'll let you know about the new releases we're most excited about! Text TEAKTXT to +1 (844) 901-3721 to subscribe


  • Michael Villarreal

    I’ve had both stealth and the ultra spin! Gotta say I’m liking the sound of the ultra spins! But also like the feel of the firecracker Stealth boys I have. Both have amazing feel and control so you can go wrong picking either or

  • Kacen

    I got a pair of stealth wheels and I love them but I think they should be less expensive, because if I run over a tiny piece of something then it sticks to the wheel and is really annoying.

  • ndoman

    I’m hooked on the ABEC-9s, I have a nice set of cherry red Mini Apex’s, and while buying some more I wanted the “New Street Style” shape with the Stealth bearings.
    Unfortunately that combo is rarely available, but the bearings themselves are cheap and always in stock. This is great, until I read that there’s a lock and some specific tool for switching bearings. Here it’s said to be possible, and selling the bearings heavily implies that, so….why not take that opportunity and sell the tool itself? In good faith I see a massive market there.

  • Tavish Oceanak

    I will always prefer stealth because the price point between wheels with “ultra spin” bearings and “stealth” bearings is only $5. Ultra spin are loud and grimy which feels like cheap china bearings to be honest.

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Which Bearings Should I Ride? Ultra Spin or ABEC-9 Stealth?