Top 5 Winter Fingerboard Picks

With the upcoming cold weather, Winter is the perfect time to fingerboard! Whether you’d like to stay inside or venture out into the snow, here are our top five picks for Winter fingerboarding: 


Finger Snow Skate 

The Teak Finger Snowskate is the perfect board to ride the snow! Each board has indentations underneath to help you shred the snow. It is also made of a PLA plastic material that will not waterlog or warp when it is wet or in cold temperatures.

We would recommend that you use gloves while shredding the snow to keep your fingers warm or wait until the snow is starting to melt and the weather is a little warmer.


Mini Quarter Pipe

Teak ramps are made of many different materials, but the best ramp for the snow is the Mini  Quarter Pipe. This ramp is made of a PLA plastic material that will not warp or get damaged in the snow, plus it’s super fun to ride both indoors and outdoors!


Teak Beanie 

The Teak Beanie was designed with warmth in mind. Teak Tuning is based in Upstate New York with brutal Winters, and we know just how important it is to wear warm gear in the Winter. This beanie also features a vegan leather patch with an embossed Teak logo so you can look good while keeping warm!


Fence Style T Shaped Rail

If you’d prefer to stay inside for the Winter, you may need a new addition to your ramp/rail collection for your desktop sessions! 

This rail is shaped like the letter T and is a square rail. This shape is fun to use and the combo possibilities are endless! In addition to the flat top, the fence style rails also have a lower rail that is close to the ground. While this is difficult to grind, it is a fun challenge! 

This rail features a 12 inch long section and a 5.5 inch long section with a height of 2.5 inches. 


Custom S.K.A.T.E Dice

If you’ll be seshing at your desk this Winter, the S.K.A.T.E Dice Set is the perfect game to practice your skills, challenge yourself, or have fun with your online friends! 

Each set comes with a blank set of dice and two sheets of vinyl decal stickers. You can customize your dice set with the vinyl sticker sheet to match your skill level and trick preferences! This will work for riders of all skill levels and experience.

Fill up the first dice with stances, and the second dice with different tricks. For example, if you roll a “FAKIE” on dice #1 and “KICKFLIP” on dice #2, do a Fakie Kickflip.

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Top 5 Winter Fingerboard Picks