Teak Team's Favorite Products

When Teak Tuning start back in 2014, there was only one product available in three different colors. The original Teak O-Ring Kits that Teak Tuning started out with are still available today, but Teak has expanded to many other fingerboard product lines over the years.

The number of products and options on the website may seem overwhelming, so here are a few favorites from the Teak Team riders:



Charlie, an Oregon based Teak rider, loves the XL Polebank because it is perfect for creative combos. The polebank carfully handmade in the USA with high quality wood and features a metal rail across the top.



Eggz.fb, one of the recent additions to the Teak Team from California, loves the Teak Picnic Table because it has a solid and unique build. The Teak picnic table was the first wooden Teak ramp, and is still one of the favorites!



Eusi, a local rider from Upstate New York, picked the 34mm Prodigy Trucks as his favorite product. They are available in 32mm and 34mm widths, plus they feature a professional shape and include lock nuts. For anyone looking for a solid set of trucks, Prodigy Trucks are the perfect option.



Lyric, a Teak team rider in Washington, loves the Carbon Fiber Graphic Wrap. The Teak graphic wraps are DIY graphics that can turn any standard size fingerboard into a graphic deck. Plus you can swap out your graphic wraps when you want a fresh graphic.



A few other Teak Team riders also picked the Bubble Bushings as their favorite Teak product! The new Pro Duro Bubble Bushings are custom molded and are available in multiple different durometers (hardness). The lower the durometer number, the softer the bushings. Soft bushings (like the 51A’s) are great for riders who like loose trucks with a lot of movement. The harder style (like the 71A’s) are perfect for riders who prefer a firmer and harder feel.


If you are still not sure which Teak products you would like to try, following the @TeakTuning on Instagram should give you some ideas! We post daily photos and videos with Teak gear!


  • Clifford Johnson

    I am not a rider officially for teak but I am very happy with all the products I have and continue to purchase! The trucks are great quality with an awesome wear when grinding, the bushings are all fingerboards best friend if you ask me, they turn a regular plastic tech deck into a well functioning board. I have on used the plastic wheel so far and that’s because I’m really happy with how they ride! I do want to try their other wheels but overall satisfied! And lastly the decks and wraps are very awesome and make getting into the “pro” fingerboard world very fun!

  • Iann Maya

    Does everything when you try to get sponsored have to be teak tuning because I also want to develope and sell my own brand Mayan fingerboards. if you approve that how can you get it to you since i can’t make any social media accounts?

  • Kacen

    Can you still get sponsored even if the filming is not good

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