Pro Duro Grip Tape - Custom Silicone Tape

Teak Tuning just launched a new line of Pro Duro Grip Tape! This unique lineup features a variety of solid colors, swirl colorways, glow colors, and even a glitter infused edition! 

Each sheet is made of a custom Teak silicone polymer blend and has a durometer of 41A for a soft and grippy ride. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Pro Duro Tape! 


What material is the Pro Duro Grip Tape made of?

Pro Duro Fingerboard deck tape is designed using a custom Teak Silicone Polymer Blend that features a completely unique feel, and provides ultimate control and trick performance. 

Do the colors match the Pro Duro Bubble Bushings?
Yes! Each sheet of tape matches a colorway of Pro Duro Bubble Bushings so you can coordinate your colors and build the ultimate setup.


What is the durometer?

Pro Duro Grip Tape features a 41A durometer for a soft, yet super grippy and comfortable riding experience. 

What size is each sheet?
Each sheet measures 110mm long, 35mm wide and is 0.7mm thick. 

Standard fingerboard tape is usually 0.5mm-1mm thick, so our custom 0.7mm thickness hits the sweet spot for all riders. 


How can I apply the Pro Duro Grip Tape?
Each sheet features convenient adhesive backing for easy application. Simply peel the paper backing off of the sheet, apply to the fingerboard deck and cut to size.

The material can be challenging to cut, therefore we recommend using a fresh hobby knife, or very sharp scissors or a razor blade (USE SAFETY PROCEDURES OR HELP FROM SOMEONE WHO KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING). It is recommended that trucks are installed before the grip tape is applied.

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Pro Duro Grip Tape - Custom Silicone Tape