New Urethane Wheels - The Teak Apex Line

After years of development, the new Teak urethane wheels are finally here! The new
Apex Serieswheels were just released with a limited edition stock. 

Each set of Apex Series wheels is designed and made in the USA with premium urethane. This is a custom urethane blend. The first drop of wheels features solid colors of the New Street Style wheels with a 71D durometer. 

The New Street Style wheels are the first of many Apex Series shapes to be released. The New Street Style wheels are the “standard” fingerboard wheels that have the typical size and shape that is seen in fingerboarding. With a 7.7mm diameter and 71D durometer, these wheels are great for easy riding and doing tricks.

What is urethane?

Urethane is a material that is used to make real skateboard wheels, and it has crossed over into the fingerboard scene. Over the years, urethane wheels have become increasingly popular with fingerboarders because of its unique feel and characteristics.

Urethane material has great shock absorption and can be used both indoors and outdoors. Urethane also has a good grip with the ground - this is what causes the “squeak” sound that many fingerboarders love. 

What does durometer mean?

Durometer is the “hardness” of the material. The higher the durometer number, the harder the wheel. On the other hand, low durometer wheels have a softer feel. The first drop of the Apex Series wheels hits the sweet spot with a 71D durometer. They’re not too hard, and they’re not too soft - they are great for riding on all kinds of surfaces. 

Do they squeak?

Yes! Many fingerboarders love the squeak sound that urethane wheels make as you powerslide across a surface or do a sharp turn. 

How do the Apex Series wheels compare to the Polyurethane wheels?

Teak has offered the Polyurethane CNC wheels for years, and they are not going anywhere! The Polyurethane wheels are a great budget option, and the Apex Series wheels are a major upgrade for professional riders or anyone who wants a fresh set of premium urethane wheels.

The Polyurethane wheels are hard and smooth with a 100D durometer, and the Apex Series urethane wheels are softer and grippier with a 71D durometer. Aside from the material, the shape and size are also different. Both wheels are “standard size” for fingerboard wheels, but the Apex Series wheels are slightly wider. 

Will you be selling completes with Apex wheels?

That is definitely on our radar at some point in the future! Keep an eye on the Teak Tuning Instagram and Facebook for updates on new product releases. 

Are more colors coming?

We have a whole series of launches coming this summer that we think you’ll be excited about, including never before seen colors and designs.


  • Elijah Pepion

    For me they were not good they don’t squeak and they are not grippy at all!

  • Jay

    I love these wheels they the perfect amount grippy not too much but not too little.

  • Gloria Moreno

    Wish the wheels were cheaper

  • Jack Potter

    Just ordered 2 sets of Apex wheels to try out, very excited about these wheels! I’ll be watching for updates, keep up the great work

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New Urethane Wheels - The Teak Apex Line