Monument Series Concrete Ramps

Teak Tuning has just launched the Monument Series! The Monument Series is a brand new series of ultra premium, super durable concrete fingerboard barriers and obstacles. Each ramp is designed, manufactured, and hand poured by Teak Tuning in the USA.

Teak Tuning's Monument Series obstacles are custom molded with a unique blend of polymers for smoothness and exceptional durability. The versatile polymer modified concrete has superior physical and performance properties compared to regular concrete products.

Just like concrete skateboard obstacles, the Monument Series ramps will start to have a “real wear” look after they have been shredded for a while (see below). 

Each ramp will also come with a Teak sticker and a sheet of non-slider material that you can cut and place on the bottom of your obstacle. Due to the weight of concrete ramps, non-sliders may not be needed but will always be included.

Even though we already have a few other concrete ramp options in our catalog, these new Monument Series obstacles stand out with their excellent durability and smoothness due to the polymer blend.

The Wave 

The Wave may look cool, but it’s also very versatile and functional. The Wave obstacle features a wave shape with transitions, and has a flat riding surface on top that is perfect for grinds and slides. The top features a shallow Teak logo that will not impact riding or performance - it just adds a touch of customization. This obstacle features a seamless transition that is easy to ride onto. The Wave is perfect for grinds, slides, transition tricks, and can be used by riders of all skill levels. 

The Wave is 2" tall, 3.5" wide and 4.25" long. The flattened top surface measures 3" wide and 1.5" long.

You can check out the Monument Wave Obstacle here

The Parking Curb

This curb ramp is modeled after the classic parking curbs that are found in parking lots and roads. The real life sized parking curbs are great for skateboarding, and this miniature version is the perfect fingerboard obstacle. 

Each parking curb has a steel reinforcement inside to ensure maximum durability.

This curb is low to the ground and is easy and fun to do slides and grinds across. It also features a Teak design on the side and has a wide flat top. 

This curb measures 0.5" tall, 1" wide and is 6" long. The flattened top surface measures 0.5" wide.

You can check out the new Monument Series Parking curb here

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    I think the wave and the curve look sleek and awesome to grind on, I cant wait to see the others

  • Jonathan R

    These are so cool! I’m gonna save up my money to buy both of them now!

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Monument Series Concrete Ramps