Limited Edition Holiday Picks

Finding the perfect gift for a fingerboarder can be challenging, especially when you’re not sure what they’ll enjoy riding. You can check out our Holiday Gifts section at the top of the website to find the perfect gift for your fingerboarder.

In the Holiday Gifts section, you’ll find a few products that are limited edition and are only sold during the holiday season: 


Limited Edition “Christmas Yeti” graphic Wrap

The “Yeti” is a popular Teak graphic that is available in multiple colors, and it is available during the holiday season in a green, red, and white colorway. 

Graphic Wraps allow you to customize the bottom of any standard size deck with a graphic. Simply apply the graphic decal to the bottom of the board, use the included file to shape the graphic, and you’ve got a new fresh graphic on the deck! 

This Yeti graphic will also show off the bottom ply of your deck because some parts of the graphic are transparent. 


Limited Edition Christmas Bubble Bushings Skate Grip Pack

The popular “Bubble Bushings Collage” graphic skate grip is available during the holiday season! This graphic features red, green, and white Bubble Bushing cartoons. 

Teak Tuning skate grip is just like standard skateboard grip, but is slightly smoother so it does not hurt your fingers. Skate grip is perfect for riders who want the realistic skateboard feel, enjoy the skate grip on Tech Decks, or want to do Dark Slides. A Dark Slide is a type of slide where you slide across the rail or ramp while your board is upside down. Standard foam tape will not slide, but skate grip is perfect for this trick.


“Coal For Christmas” Combo Deal

While getting real coal for Christmas may not be ideal, this coal themed holiday bundle is great for fingerboarders of any skill level. This "Coal for Christmas" combo deal comes with black colored items for a discounted price.  

Each combo deal includes: 1 set of black CNC polyurethane wheels, 1 set of black Bubble Bushings, 1 black o-ring tuning kit, and 5 sheets of Teak Tape.


Custom Gift Bundles

If you’re not sure what to get your fingerboarder, our “Build Your Own Gift Pack” options are a great gift. Each bundle allows you to choose the colors and specifics of your bundle so you can customize it according to your fingerboarders preferences. 

Beginner Bundle - Perfect for new or beginner riders to get into fingerboarding – includes the basics of a complete, two graphic wraps to add to the complete, and a mini rail to shred!

Experienced Bundle - Perfect for intermediate or experienced fingerboarders who would like to grow their collection – includes a complete, two Graphic Wraps to customize the complete, a rail, and a bag to hold all of their new gear!

Pro Bundle - Perfect for professional fingerboarders – high quality bundle with upgraded gear for the most experienced riders.

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Limited Edition Holiday Picks