How To Upgrade Your Fingerboard

As a fingerboarder, you know how important it is to have the right equipment that suits your preferences. Upgrading your fingerboard can make a huge difference in your performance and overall enjoyment of fingerboarding. Here are some steps to help you upgrade your fingerboard setup:

1. Choose the right deck

The deck is the most crucial part of your fingerboard since it impacts your control, stability, and overall feel. You want to make sure your deck is made from high-quality wood and has the right shape and size for you. While most fingerboarders ride a standard popsicle shape, other unique deck shapes are also available. 

What deck width should you ride? Well, that depends on your personal preference. If you already have a fingerboard, determine whether you feel comfortable with the width and go from there. If you don’t have a fingerboard, 32mm is a great place to start and is the standard size for a fingerboard deck. 

Fingerboard decks also have a wide variety of bottom plies and graphics. Teak Tuning offers multiple graphic decks and each graphic is available in multiple different deck shapes. Simply click on any graphic you like and you’ll be able to select the deck shape! 

2. Pick the right trucks

Trucks are what hold the wheels in place and allow you to turn and grind. When choosing your trucks, you want to match the width of the trucks to the width of the deck (or at least be as close as possible). For example, a 32mm deck should have 32mm trucks. 

Two of the best truck options by Teak Tuning are the OG Prodigy Trucks and the Prodigy Swerve Trucks. These trucks come in a variety of sizes and colors, and they also upgraded components such as lock nuts and Pro Duro Bubble Bushings. 

3. Upgrade your wheels

 Wheels are essential for a smooth ride. When choosing your wheels, you should consider their size, hardness, and shape. Apex Wheels are professional fingerboard wheels that are made in the USA and come in a variety of shapes, durometers, and hardnesses. 

Wheels with a lower durometer number will feel soft and grippy while wheels with a harder durometer number will feel hard and smooth. Most fingerboarders ride standard size wheels like the New Street Apex Wheels or the Slim Bowl Apex Wheels. If you’d like smaller wheels, consider the mini  “Shorty” Apex Wheels. If you’d like to ride larger wheels, consider the Cruiser Wheels or Globe Wheels

4. Change your grip tape

Grip tape is what keeps your fingers from slipping off your fingerboard. While it may seem like a small upgrade, switching to high-quality grip tape can make a big difference in your control and overall performance. 

The most popular kind of fingerboard tape is traditional foam tape, but you can also try out unique tapes like Pro Duro Grip and Gecko Grip. These unique grip tape options feel different to standard foam tape and some versions also offer more grip. 

5. Change your tuning

Tuning is placed on the kingpin and allows the trucks to move and wiggle as you ride and grind. Pro Duro Bubble Bushings are a great upgrade for any fingerboard truck because they come in a variety of durometers. Ride the 51A durometer if you like soft bushings with a lot of movement, 61A durometer if you like something in between, or 71A if you prefer tighter bushings with less movement. Pro Duro Bubble Bushings are custom made and are modeled after realistic skateboard bushings. 

Upgrading your fingerboard may seem daunting at first when there are so many options, but it’s worth it for the improved performance and enjoyment! In addition to picking quality parts, you can also have fun with creating a setup that has a theme or color. 


Need some inspiration? Follow @TeakTuning on Instagram to check out what our customer and team riders are shredding! We often post setups and clips from riders, and you can get a lot of ideas from seeing what other fingerboarders ride.

Need assistance with picking the right setup? A good place to start is with one of our completes with Apex Wheels. These completes come with upgraded components and Apex Wheels that are made in the USA. We’ve also ensured that all deck and truck widths are compatible in all Teak Tuning completes and sets. 


  • Kolt

    If there is one thing that you could that you could upgrade on a on a Tech Deck to make it a better fingerboard what would it be

  • Remy

    Hey teak tunning I was hoping for you to send either some free boards or some foam grip tape to me I just started finger boarding 1 month ago and fell in love with I would be happy if you sent some free stuff I’m only ten years old and have a dream to be a fingerboard YouTuber my YouTube name is SKELLY BOARDING

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How To Upgrade Your Fingerboard