How To Clean Your Fingerboard Wheels Using Household Items

As you ride (especially outdoors) your wheels will naturally collect dirt and dust. Did you know that it can be easy to get rid of this dirt buildup with a few simple household items? This process will work with all Apex Wheels and Teak Wheels, in addition to all other fingerboard wheels. 

Here’s how to clean your fingerboard wheels using household items:

Step 1: Put the dirty fingerboard wheels on a setup or trucks

Put the dirty wheels on a setup or trucks so you can easily roll the wheels.

Step 2: Ride over a clean sheet of paper

Place a sheet of clean paper down on a flat surface and ride over it. White printer paper works great. Ride your fingerboard back and forth over the sheet of paper while putting pressure on your fingerboard. You should see some dirt come off onto the sheet of paper while you ride back and forth.

The sheet of paper will act like a soft sandpaper that will remove dirt from your wheels without wearing down or harming your wheels.

Step 3: Ride in circles and do light powerslides on the sheet of paper

If you have dirt left on your wheels, try doing light powersides or sliding the wheels across the paper. Use caution when powersliding because if you do this too hard you may create flat spots on your wheels or dislodge the bearing on wheels that do not have a bearing lock. While Apex Wheels are very durable, some wheels may get flat spots if this is done too hard.

Step 4 (Optional): Put a drop of water on each wheel 

If you have stubborn dirt or buildup on the wheels that will not come off, try putting a drop of water over the dirt and then repeating steps 2 and 3. 

When placing a drop of water on the wheels, ensure that the water does not go into the bearing. Water can damage or break down certain bearings. 

Other Options:

  • If a sheet of paper is not working, you can place painter's tape or duct tape on a flat surface (sticky side up) and ride over it.
  • Baby wipes can be used to wipe away dirt, but ensure the liquid from the baby wipes does not soak the bearings. 

General Tips:

  • When cleaning your wheels, always use caution and do not soak the wheel or saturate the wheel in any liquids. This can harm or clog up the bearings. 
  • Avoid getting any liquids on your deck. While synthetic and plastic boards can handle liquids, wooden decks may start to warp if soaked. 
  • If you do a lot of outdoor riding, you may want to consider getting an outdoor setup or outdoor wheels. Apex ATP (All Terrain Polymer) wheels are made of a durable material that has excellent durability outdoors. 

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How To Clean Your Fingerboard Wheels Using Household Items