Globe Apex Wheels: A New Wheel Shape

Teak Tuning is proud to announce that we are adding a new shape to the Apex wheel line up - the Globe Shape!

The new Globe shape is a revolutionary fingerboard wheel shape that is optimal for a variety of surfaces and tricks. This spherical shape combined with the soft urethane allows the wheels to conform to the style of the rider. The Globe Apex Wheels provide a completely new and exciting riding feel that can be adjusted by finger pressure and bushing hardness.

These wheels are designed and made in the USA using a premium quality, custom Teak blended urethane. Each wheel is casted and cut in New York. 

These Apex Wheels contain premium bearings with an ABEC-9 rating. These bearings are our highest quality fingerboard wheel bearings. They are extremely smooth and completely silent. These are sturdy bearings that will allow extreme movement and control. However, due to them being greased and completely shielded, they do not have the free spin our "Ultra Spin" Edition bearings do. In actual use, they are extremely responsive and have a very free roll.

Globe Shape Specs:

Shape: Spherical

Wheel Height: 8.3mm

Wheel Width: 6.3mm 

Even though these wheels differ from the typical fingerboard wheel shape, they roll incredibly smooth and perform just as well as standard fingerboard wheels. Plus, they look great on setups! 

Do these wheels have bearing lock?

Yes! All Apex Wheels, including the new Globe Wheels, feature a bearing pocket design that locks the bearing into place. 

Do these wheels squeak?

Yes! Many fingerboarders love the “squeak” sound that certain wheel materials make when you do a sharp turn or a powerslide. 

Do they roll like regular wheels?

Yes! These wheels may look different to what you’re used to, but their performance is top notch. 

Will there be more colors and durometers added to the Globe Wheels line up?

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  • Eli May

    These new wheels are awesome! I love the new feel of them. It’s interesting to see all of the new things that fingerboarders come up with. the shape allows for sharper turns, and they are kinda squishy and that allows for that extra grippy texure.

  • Armando Garcia

    What bearing are used and will there be different bearing types for it in the future

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Globe Apex Wheels: A New Wheel Shape