Free Pro Duro Bubble Bushings With Prodigy Trucks

Professional Trucks work best with professional tuning, so we’re happy to announce that all Prodigy Trucks now include a free set of Pro Duro Bubble Bushings. Any time you purchase a set of Prodigy Trucks on or Amazon, a free set of Pro Duro Bubble Bushings will be added. 

The free set is 61A Durometer in the popular Teak Teal color. Each set of Prodigy Trucks will still come with the original economy o-rings pre-installed, but will now include an additional set of Pro Duro Bubble Bushings. The Pro Duro Bubble Bushings are $5.49 when purchased separately, but are 100% free with all Prodigy Trucks! 


Each set of Pro Duro Bubble Bushings is molded from an ultra-premium silicone material with a consistent shape and hole placement on every single bushing. Each color comes in three different durometers (hardnesses):

51A Durometer: Great for those who prefer a super loose feel - The most responsive tuning offered with maximum truck movement and range.

61A Durometer: Great for all ability levels - Very responsive – Allow for extreme truck movement and range. This durometer is included with all Prodigy Trucks. 

71A Durometer: Great for those who prefer a tighter feel that allows for crisper movement and tricks - Provide a moderate amount of truck movement and range.

You can check out the Prodigy Trucks here, or read through some common questions about the new change: 

Do I need to use a coupon code to get the free set? 

Nope! No coupon code or special action is required to get the free set, we include it with your trucks for free.

Was there a price increase when Pro Duro Bubble Bushings were included?

Nope! The Prodigy Trucks are the same price, but with free Pro Duro Bubble Bushings now! 

Can I pick my tuning color? 

Each set of trucks will come with pre-installed economy o-ring tuning and an uninstalled set of the “Teak Teal” Pro Duro Bubble Bushings. You can’t customize or change the free set, but you can certainly add another set to your cart here if you would like to ride a different color or durometer. 

Will I need spacers for Prodigy Trucks? 

No, spacers are not required with Prodigy Trucks. 

Are Prodigy Trucks Better Than Spacer Trucks?

Absolutely! Spacer Trucks are a great economy option for anyone on a budget, but Prodigy Trucks are levels above with their professional shaping, nylon insert lock nuts, and Pro Duro Bubble Bushings. 

What widths are Prodigy Trucks available in? 

We currently offer 32mm and 34mm Prodigy Trucks. 

Does this apply to other Trucks? 

No, only Prodigy Trucks include a free set of Pro Duro Bubble Bushings. 

How can I stay in the loop with future updates and product releases? 

Here are a few ways to stay in the loop:

  • Follow Teak Tuning on Instagram and Facebook. Whenever a new product is released, it will be posted on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Check out the “New” section on the website. All new items are added to the “New” section on the website so new items are quick and easy to find.
  • Sign up for texts. Every so often we'll let you know about the new releases we're most excited about! Text TEAKTXT to +1 (844) 901-3721 to subscribe.


  • Brodi Williams

    I’m about to buy my first pro finger board on here

  • Marco Apodaca

    I start fingerboarding for I was 8 year old I use teck deck but I want to try some of ur teaktuning stuff and upgrading .

  • Daniel Matias

    Hi , I’ve been fingerboarding for 3 years and never yet have a professional finger board because I couldn’t afford one. But if I lose or not I’m just happy that I get to participate.

  • Vince

    I have been finger boarding for a while I just haven’t ever got a professional board I have only used teckdeck and I am most likely going to buy one of your 32mm boards and I came across this giveaway and I know I would probably not win but worth a shot so yeah I wish you a wonderful day and I hope you get a lot of sails😁

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Free Pro Duro Bubble Bushings With Prodigy Trucks