Fingerboarding On The Go

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to grab your fingerboard and go find some outdoor spots to skate!

Taking your fingerboard with you out of the house can sometimes be a little tricky because you don’t want to lose it or break it. Here are some gear recommendations for when you head out with your fingerboard.

Complete Carriers

The silicone loop hooks around fingerboard trucks and provides excellent grip for easy carrying. The plastic clip can be attached to any key ring, backpack, bag, belt loop or hook. 

Each carrier is made entirely in the USA and features strong construction for durability.

Standard fingerboard bags

Each bag fits two complete fingerboard set ups and numerous small parts (trucks, wheels, screws, nuts bolts). Fingerboard set ups are secured by Velcro tabs inside the bag and small components can be stored in a clear zip pouch that is fixed to the bag interior.

The zipper securely closes up the bag to hold the contents, plus it opens the bag wide for easy access to your gear. This bag also features a small carabineer that can be clipped to any belt loop or backpack for maximum convenience.

Large Fingerboard Bags

Each large bag fits multiple complete fingerboard set ups and numerous small parts (trucks, wheels, screws, nuts bolts.) Two zippers securely close up the bag to hold the contents, and you can open the bag wide to show two large pockets. Easy access to your gear. The bag also features two snap-to-close straps on the back and a backpack-style clip on the front.

Hard Cases

The Teak card cases provide the ultimate protection for your fingerboards. Each case has a hard shell to protect your fingerboards. The hard cases are available in regular and mini versions.

Mini Backpacks

The mini backpacks are a scaled down version of realistic backpacks. Each backpack has a large compartment that stores multiple fingerboards and a small front compartment for small parts and accessories.

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Fingerboarding On The Go