Fingerboard Assembly Hacks 

Fingerboard parts are incredibly tiny! Building your fingerboard setup and keeping track of tiny parts can be difficult for beginners, folks with larger or shaky hands, or those who just can’t seem to get used to the tiny parts. 

Here are a few Teak Tuning accessories and tools that will make setting up your fingerboard much easier and quicker: 

Fingerboard Builder Tool 

The Teak Tuning Complete Builder Vise acts as a steady "third hand" to assist you while making tuning or deck modifications, and for building or tearing down complete setups.

This tool is made of durable urethane material. It's equipped with non-scratch white clamp jaws, and resin truck centering fixtures, for a firm hold on your fingerboard when making adjustments.


This tool can assist you with: 

  • Attaching your trucks to your board. Simply place the deck between jaws with trucks facing upwards, tighten the knurled bolt head until grippers grasp deck sides firmly. Use the blue truck centering fixtures to install trucks to your deck.
  • Changing your tuning. Flip the board upside down and place it between the white pegs. Adjust the clamp to hold the board firmly, then adjust your trucks or tuning.
  • Change or adjust your wheels. Clamp the board in the vise to hold your board steady as you adjust or change your wheels.

Pre-Cut Fingerboard Foam Tape

If you’d like your foam tape to look clean and neat, the Pre-Cut Foam Tape is the perfect option. Each sheet is pre-cut to fit all 32mm wooden Teak Decks.


The pre-cut foam tape fits the 32mm decks and also has pre-cut holes for the screws to go through.

Professional Fingerboard Tool Kit

While there is nothing wrong with standard fingerboard tools, there are also a few other options that can make your assembly a tille easier.


This Tool Kit includes two large tool handles with interchangeable bits. These are significantly easier to grip, twist, and use due to their size. In addition, the bits are lightly magnetic and will stick to the small hardware. 

Nylon Insert Lock Nuts

There’s nothing more frustrating than having your wheel or tuning fly off in the middle of a trick! This can happen when the nut comes loose and falls off the axle. Lock Nuts are less likely to come off the axle because the nylon insert holds it firmly into place. 


These professional fingerboard lock nuts are made from quality stainless steel and feature black nylon inserts to ensure that the lock nuts stay in place. They can be used on the axle to hold wheels on your trucks and on the kingpin to securely fasten the tuning of the trucks. 

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Fingerboard Assembly Hacks