Concrete Ramps vs. Poly-Ramps

Concrete fingerboard ramps and the new Poly-Ramps may look similar in photos, but the two materials have different textures, weights, and features. While both options are great choices, they are unique in their own way:

Concrete Fingerboard Ramps 

Concrete fingerboard ramps have been around for over two decades, and for good reason! At Teak Tuning, each concrete ramp or barrier is hand poured by Mini Materials in the USA. Due the weight of the solid concrete, these ramps are typically very sturdy and heavy. 

Fun Facts About Concrete Fingerboard Ramps:

  • Solid concrete ramps and barriers do not need non-sliders underneath! Since the solid concrete structure is heavy and sturdy, the ramp does not slide around like lighter ramps.
  • Teak Tuning has an engraved concrete barrier and an engraved concrete bench featuring a detailed engraving in the concrete. 
  • Graphics are not just for decks! Teak Tuning has a graphic concrete barrier that features a colorful Teak graffiti graphic on one side of the barrier, and a graphic fingerboard bench that features the Teak donut design on the top.
  • Many of the Teak Tuning concrete fingerboard ramps and barriers are in the 1:12 scale. This means that the ramp/barrier is a scaled down version of a real concrete object using the 1:12 scale. 
  • Teak Tuning just released a brand new Concrete Brick Ledge!

Poly-Ramp Series

In mid 2021, Teak Tuning added the “Poly-Ramps” series to the ramp lineup! Each Poly-Ramp is made from a synthetic, stone-like material that is much lighter than concrete, but more durable. The material is more resistant to cracks and breaking compared to actual concrete. The lightweight construction is designed with a low center of gravity to resist tipping.

Fun Facts About the Poly-Ramps:

  • The concrete parking curbs are only available in one shape, but the Poly Ramps line features a standard straight shape, mellow curved “C” shape, and a mellow “S” curve shape.
  • Since the Poly-Ramps material is lighter than concrete, many Poly-Ramps are designed to have a low center of gravity so they do not tip over easily (yup, we work physics into fingerboarding to make things more convenient and easy for you).
  • Some Poly-Ramps are available in limited edition colors: Lava Flow (red), Aqua Lapis (light blue), and Olive (faded green) colorways.
  • A full volcano fingerboard ramp and half volcano ramp were recently released! 
  • The new Arched Poly Ramp features a hybrid design with an integrated waxless grind rail that prevents the need for wax - it's made from durable, ultra low friction material that is even more slippery than Teflon!

While concrete and the Poly-Ramp material have their many differences, both are great options for fingerboarders of all skill levels. If you’d like to check out the full lineup of fingerboard ramps, barriers, and rails, you can head over to the Rails and Ramps section of the shop!

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  • Alex

    I love this store and it’s freaking in insane the prices are so good for such hi quality boards.

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Concrete Ramps vs. Poly-Ramps