Teak Tuning 32mm Prolific Gen2 Fingerboard Complete - "Bob Would Be Proud" Colorway - Gen2 Prodigy Trucks + Pro Duro Bubble Bushings

32mm Prolific Gen2 Fingerboard Complete - "Bob Would Be Proud" Colorway - Gen2 Prodigy Trucks + Pro Duro Bubble Bushings


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Experience the upgraded new PROlific Gen2 Complete. This all-in-one set is perfect for riders of all levels, arriving fully assembled and ready for immediate action. The deck, handcrafted from five robust layers of cross-grain wood, features a either a heat transfer graphic bottom ply or a striking laser-engraved Teak logo on the wood grain bottom ply, ensuring both strength and style.

Key Features:

  • Pre-installed, color-matched Gen2 Prodigy Trucks, boasting enhanced precision, strengthened axles, and a locknut kingpin system for superior control and durability.
  • CNC Lathe Ultraspin Bearing Wheels for a smooth, swift ride attached to the trucks with stainless steel lock nuts with nylon inserts.
  • PROlific Foam Tape for unmatched grip and comfort.
  • Customizable features including molded pivot cup tuning and an optional inverted kingpin.
  • Set of color-matched Pro Duro 61A Bubble Bushings,
  • Mini filing board, a mini fingerboard tool, and an exclusive Teak Tuning sticker.

With the PROlific Gen2 Complete, you're not just buying a fingerboard; you're investing in a premium fingerboarding experience backed by the Teak Guarantee for peace of mind. Ideal for those who demand quality, performance, and style in their fingerboarding gear. Elevate your skills with a setup that's built to impress.

Changes in our new Gen2 Prodigy trucks:

  • NEW Enhanced Precision & Pop + New Baseplate: Our improved baseplate and angle design ensures a crisp pop and refined control, helping you nail those intricate tricks effortlessly.
  • NEW Robust and Reliable: Strengthened axles mean no more slippage, ensuring a sturdy and consistent ride every time.
  • NEW Molded Pivot Cup Tuning: Now included on Prodigy Gen2 trucks, you fine-tune your trucks for a personalized touch, enhancing your fingerboarding experience.

Small Parts. Not suitable for children under the age of 14.

32mm Prolific Gen2 Fingerboard Complete - "Bob Would Be Proud" Colorwa