Teak Guarantee

*NEW* As of 12/12/2023 - all items have their Teak Guarantee extended to 90 days.  All same rules apply.


Each product on is backed by the Teak Guarantee! We offer the Teak Guarantee as a commitment to our community and us standing behind our products. Have an issue or are unhappy with your product? We will either replace or refund within 90-days of you receiving the product if you feel the product was misrepresented, it arrived with a defect, or broken within that time frame.

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Teak is committed to making sure you are pleased with your products. If you are displeased with your product, the item is damaged, doesn’t arrive, breaks during setup or shortly after use (within 90 days of delivery), we will send an electronic return label to get it exchanged or replaced with an item of equal value, replace the missing/lost product, or to credit you back in full.

Some examples of things covered:

  • Items are broken or damaged during shipping
  • Break during initial setup due to a defect
  • Break shortly after initial setup due to a defect (within 90 days of delivery)
  • You have issues getting your graphic or tape aligned correctly (graphic printed incorrectly or board warped)
  • You don’t feel the product was correctly represented and you’d like to return it (Product should be unused)
  • The product arrives with a clearly represented defect
  • The carrier lost it in transit (Not due to incomplete/inaccurate customer information)
  • You emailed us with an adequate amount of time to update an address but we failed to and now the product is lost

Some examples of things NOT covered by Teak Guarantee:

  • I bought a deck 3 months ago and now it broke
  • I got a graphic wrap, applied to my deck, used it for a while, and now don't like it
  • You deliberately mis-used the product and now it is broken (slamming hand on the tail)
  • You assembled your complete, used it, and decided you don’t like it
  • You put the wrong address or an incomplete address and now the product has been delivered to someone else or is missing in transit

*In the instance that your scenario is not covered by the Teak Guarantee but is still eligible for return, you would be responsible for shipping the product back to us.*


RETURNS (Domestic/International):

All products are eligible for a 90-day return with either a full credit to the original form of payment or the equivalent in website reward points if chosen (with a valid account). Returned products can be opened, but must be unused and returned to their original packaging to be eligible for return. 

Due to the high cost, and long travel times associated with international shipping, returns are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

You are responsible for shipping the item back if it does not fall under our guarantee covered in the Replace/Exchange section above.

*Items that are non-returnable/refundable will be noted on the sales page*

Please email with any concerns related to the issues outlined above.


If your order was purchased through one of our various retailers or outlets, please attempt to seek resolution with them first before contacting us. We will need to know which distributor it was purchased from when reaching out.

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All Teak packages include a tracking number so you can easily track your shipment. Simply include your email on your order and the tracking will be emailed to you once your order is shipped (if you do not see the email in your inbox, it may have gone to your spam folder).

Some notes on the Teak Guarantee:

  • We reserve the right to refuse a claim based on the circumstances of said claim.
  • The intent of the Teak guarantee is that we take care of our customers.  Attempts to abuse or scam the guarantee will be investigated and potentially referred to local law enforcement where applicable.
  • The examples listed above are just that and do not cover the full range of possible scenarios
Teak Guarantee