Teak Team Favorite Fingerboard Picks

When Teak Tuning started back in 2014, there was only one product available in three different colors. The original Teak O-Ring Kits that Teak Tuning started out with are still available today, but Teak has expanded to many other fingerboard product lines over the years.

The number of products and options on the Teak website may seem overwhelming, so here are a few favorites from the Teak Team riders that you can check out:

Many of the Teak Team riders love the Pro Duro Bubble Bushings and picked this tuning option as their favorite product. The Pro Duro Bubble Bushings are custom molded with a consistent shape and hole placement. These bushings are available in three different durometers (hardnesses) and come in solid colors, swirl edition, glitter infused editions, and more.

One of the local Teak Team riders, Rocfingerboards, says his favorite Teak product is the Jersey Barrier from the Monument Series. This barrier was modeled after a realistic barrier - the kind that is placed on roads to direct traffic or block off an area. Just like the realistic version, the new Teak barriers can be lined up and linked together if you own multiple barriers. This makes it quick and easy to do combo tricks or have an extra long fingerboard barrier. Just like concrete skateboard obstacles, the Monument Series ramps will start to have a “real wear” look after they have been shredded for a while.

One of our long-time Teak riders, Jordan, picked the Apex Shorty Wheels as his personal favorite Teak Tuning product. Just like all Apex Wheels, the Shorties are made in the USA from premium urethane and feature a bearing lock design. The Shorty shape is a “mini” fingerboard wheel shape that is slightly smaller than standard size fingerboard wheels. 

Byron, one of the Teak Team veterans who has been riding Teak products for years, picks the Apex Geode Wheels as his favorite Teak product.  The Geode Series wheels are made with premium urethane that features stunning color swirls and shimmer resembling real geodes and gemstones. These wheels look great and are perfect for anyone who likes hard and smooth wheels. 

TheFingerboardQueen, one of the new additions to the Teak Team in the UK, picked the original Teak O-Ring Kits as her favorite product. EJ has been riding these o-rings since Teak Tuning first started and still enjoys riding them today! We’ve also modified the original o-rings and now offer Pro Duro O-Ring Bushings that are available in multiple durometers. These new Pro Duro o-rings are custom molded and are available in multiple solid colors and swirl colors. 

Do you have a favorite Teak Tuning product? Let us know in the comments! 

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  • Clifford Johnson

    I am not a rider officially for teak but I am very happy with all the products I have and continue to purchase! The trucks are great quality with an awesome wear when grinding, the bushings are all fingerboards best friend if you ask me, they turn a regular plastic tech deck into a well functioning board. I have on used the plastic wheel so far and that’s because I’m really happy with how they ride! I do want to try their other wheels but overall satisfied! And lastly the decks and wraps are very awesome and make getting into the “pro” fingerboard world very fun!

  • Iann Maya

    Does everything when you try to get sponsored have to be teak tuning because I also want to develope and sell my own brand Mayan fingerboards. if you approve that how can you get it to you since i can’t make any social media accounts?

  • Kacen

    Can you still get sponsored even if the filming is not good

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Teak Team Favorite Fingerboard Picks