Reasons To Love Fingerboarding

Has anyone ever asked why you love fingerboarding? Many people outside of fingerboarding don’t understand why flipping a mini piece of wood with your fingers is something you can be very passionate about. Here are a few reasons why we love fingerboarding…

  1. It’s a miniature version of skateboarding
    While you don’t have to be a skateboarder to enjoy fingerboarding, many skateboarders love fingerboarding and see it as an extension of skateboarding. Many of the tricks are the same, but fingerboarding allows you to break the rules of physics and pull off some crazy tricks that are not possible on a skateboard! We have some cool accessories like Finger Shoes and Mini Backpacks to make fingerboarding feel more like a true miniature version of skateboarding!
  1. It’s so satisfying to learn or land a cool trick
    There is nothing more satisfying in fingerboarding than landing a new trick that you have been battling for months! Fingerboarders make it look easy, but it’s harder than you think!
  1. You can do it almost anywhere
    Since fingerboards are so small, you can ride on almost any flat and smooth surface! You can turn your desk into a mini skate park, use household objects as ramps, or find cool spots to skate outside!
  1. You can make great friends all over the world
    Fingerboarding is not super common, so while you may not have a lot of local friends who you can fingerboard with, many fingerboarders make friends all over the world! You can make new friends from different backgrounds and countries as you share your fingerboard tricks online or you can go to in-person events to shred with other fingerboarders.
  1. It’s fully customizable!
    The possibilities for how your setup looks are endless! Teak offers a wide range of deck, truck, wheel, and bushing colors so you can customize your ultimate setup! We also have graphic wraps so you can turn any standard fingerboard into a graphic deck!

Check out the recent setup that Geraldine from Teak Tuning put together using Teak products:

Deck: 32mm Blank Engraved Deck with a Confetti Graphic Wrap

Trucks: 32mm “Fruit Punch” Prodigy Trucks

Bushings: Pro Duro Bubble Bushings in Light Pink (71A Durometer)

Wheels: Pink CNC Wheels

Tape: Gecko Grip Trick Tape

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  • Jayrone

    i love riding deck it is fun to play with when im bored in class ty .

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Reasons To Love Fingerboarding