3 Awesome Ways To Take Your Fingerboard To The Next Level

Okay, cool, so you have a fingerboard and you're pulling out some super neat tricks. Now what?
Teak Tuning Fingerboard Bubble Bushings - Purple/White Swirl
1. Change out your tuning
Teak Tuning trucks and completes comes with pre-installed O-Rings. These can be easily replaced for different colored O-Rings or for bubble bushings.
O-Ring kits provide medium truck tightness, while bubble bushings have a much looser feel allowing for maximum movement and turning. They can seriously help with those harder-to-nail tricks!

Teak Tuning Gecko Grip Sample Pack

2. Change out your tape
Teak Tuning decks and completes come with premium foam grip tape. This tape has a soft, yet gripping "foamy" texture that is great for day-to-day riding. Take this as a sign to upgrade! Teak Tuning Gecko Grip can be a great alternative that really seriously can help you master tricks.

Check out our smooth urethane edition tape if you're an experienced rider looking to ace some darkslides with a light grip, maximum durability tape.

Teak Tuning Fingerboard Gecko Grip Skate Grip Tape - Smooth Urethane
Our urethane edition tape is perfect for mastering new tricks and stances like a nollie or a switch. This tape offers a medium grip with high durability.

Teak Tuning Fingerboard Deck Grip Skate Tape - Urethane Edition

Our Gecko Grip trick tape is available in pink and charcoal, has a completely unique, rubber-like texture and provides an insane grip.

Teak Tuning Gecko Grip Insane Grip Skate Tape - Trick Tape

3. Add a deck wrap
Teak Tuning deck wraps can add that extra special unique flavor to your deck to make it truly stand out. Adding a wrap to the underside of your fingerboard can make it feel like you've got a whole new deck!

Our ColorBlock wraps are solid colored wraps available in pretty much every color imaginable (and we're adding more all the time!)

Teak Tuning ColorBlock Solid Color Deck Wrap Fingerboard

Our graphic wraps are unique to Teak Tuning. These are designed to really truly enhance the look and feel of your deck. We're always working on adding more to this ever-growing list.
Have graphic wrap design ideas? Show us on social media!

Teak Tuning Fingerboard Graphic Character Cartoon Deck Board Wrap
We also have a mystery deck wrap set. Perfect for when you just can't make up your mind!  Any three graphic (or ColorBlock) wraps, including unreleased wraps may be included.

Teak Tuning Fingerboard Deck Graphic Wraps Mystery

New to fingerboarding and not quite ready to upgrade?
Check out our page on all things "starting out".

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Teak Tuning - 3 Ways To Take Your Fingerboard To The Next Level