2021 Holiday Fingerboarding Gift Guide

So you’d like to get a gift for a fingerboarder, but you may not know what gear they’ll actually like to ride. If you’re new to fingerboarding or would like to buy a thoughtful gift for a fingerboarder in your life, picking the perfect gift can be challenging! In this Holiday Gift Guide, we’ll guide you through how to pick the perfect gift for your fingerboarder that they’ll love.

Top Picks For Parents

If you’re looking for a gift for your fingerboarder child but you don’t know what kind of gear they will enjoy, here are a few suggestions. These picks are items that they are sure to love, but they will also help minimize the amount of fingerboard gear they lose. 

Fingerboard Bag 

Fingerboard parts are tiny and they can be hard to keep track of! A mini bag or case is the perfect gift to give to a fingerboarder to keep track of their miniature parts and gear. Storing everything in one place will help minimize the amount of small parts that your kid may lose track of. 

Teak Tuning has a wide variety of fingerboard bags! You can pick from miniature backpacks, setup travel bags, or larger multi-pocket bags. 

Complete Carrier

It is frustrating for both parents and kids when an awesome new fingerboard is lost or broken. We designed our Complete Carriers to make it easy and convenient for your kid to take their fingerboard anywhere with them. 

The flexible nylon loop hooks around fingerboard trucks and provides excellent grip for easy carrying. The plastic clip can be attached to any key ring, backpack, bag, belt loop or hook. 

Mini Finger Snow Skate 

The Teak Mini Finger Snow Skate is a fingerboard sized snow skate! Don’t live near the snow? No problem, these can also be used as carpet boards indoors! 

One of the great things about the Snow Skate is that it does not need any additional wheels, trucks, or other parts to be attached. Simply apply the optional foam tape that is included and your child will be ready to shred! 

While your child can also use one of their wooden decks outdoors in the snow, the wood will warp and waterlog, resulting in a ruined deck. Our Finger Snow Skates are made of a waterproof material that will not warp or waterlog in the cold and wet snow. If your child is going to ride their Finger Snow Skate in the snow, please ensure that they use gloves.

Perfect Gifts For Beginner Fingerboarders

If your fingerboarder is just getting started (or would like to get started), then here are a few items that are perfect beginning their fingerboard journey:

Teak Tuning Starter Set 

The Start Set is the perfect gift for anyone who is getting into fingerboarding. Our affordable starter sets include everything you need to set up a custom fingerboard! Each set includes all the components for building your own complete, plus a Complete Carrier to take your fingerboard on the go. 

Many Starter Sets also include a variety of graphic wraps that can be applied to the bottom of the deck. This allows the fingerboarder to customize and swap out the graphic under the fingerboard. 

Fingerboard Complete Builder Vise Tool 

The Teak Tuning Complete Builder Vise acts as a steady "3rd hand" to assist with making tuning or deck modifications and for building or tearing down complete setups. 

This multi-functional tool makes complete fingerboard setup building a breeze. With the small parts, screws, and nuts, this tool helps hold your gear into place while you make adjustments and set up a board. 

Pole Jam Entrance Rail 

Learning to ride rails can be tricky for beginners because you have to learn to Ollie (jump) into the grind or slide. 

This rail features a pole jam entrance that is flush with the surface, similar to a kicker or bank. If a beginner is unable to jump up onto the rail with an Ollie or other tricks, this rail is easy to get onto with the pole jam.

Perfect Gifts For Intermediate/Casual Fingerboarders

If your fingerboarder has been riding for a while, you probably don’t want to get them the entry level gear that they already own. Here are a few suggestions for upgraded gear options that will make the perfect gift for your fingerboarder.

Carlsbad Cruiser Deck 

Once your fingerboarder is comfortable with riding a standard fingerboard, our Carlsbad Cruiser Deck is incredibly fun to ride! This unique cruiser shape is fun to ride.

Tip: If you are going to buy your fingerboarder trucks and wheels to match their Carlsbad Cruiser Deck, 34mm wide trucks and Old School Cruiser Wheels are recommended to best fit this deck.

Fingerboard Picnic Table

The Picnic Table is a classic fingerboard ramp that is perfect for any collection! Our wooden picnic tables are made in the USA and are great for both basic tricks and complex combos. 

Since this ramp has two levels, it is great for fingerboarders who like to skate low surfaces, high surfaces, or both! 

Graphic Concrete Jersey Barrier 

The Jersey Barrier is another classic fingerboard ramp! This Teak Jersey Barrier is unique because it has a colorful Teak graffiti design on one side.

Each Jersey Barrier is made of solid concrete, and this is a ramp every fingerboarder should have in their collection! 

Perfect Gifts For Seasoned Fingerboarders

If your fingerboarder is a serious hobbyist and only wants the best of the best, we’ve got you covered! 

Apex Urethane Wheels

In fingerboarding, urethane is one of the best materials to make wheels out of. Our Apex Wheels are created from a premium grade urethane in the USA. You can buy your fingerboarder a simple set of white wheels that will go with any setup, a cool solid color for a colorful setup, or a unique urethane swirl. 

Apex Wheels also feature a bearing pocket that locks the bearing into place. This means that the bearing won’t pop out or slip out of the wheels.

Pro Duro Bubble Bushings

Bushings may be tiny, but they make a big difference! Our Pro Duro Bubble Bushings are custom molded to ensure uniform shaping and hole placement. Each set includes one extra bushing in case your fingerboarder misplaces one. 

Our Pro Duro Bubble Bushings are available in multiple durometers (hardnesses). High durometers are harder, while lower durometers are softer and allow for more truck movement. If you’re not sure which durometer your fingerboarder will like, we’d recommend getting them one of each so they can find their preference! 

Pro Duro Bubble Bushings are available in solid colors, swirl colors, glow in the dark editions, and glitter infused editions. 

Fence Style T Rail

Once your fingerboarder is comfortable with riding on rails, the Fence Style T-Shaped Rail is the perfect rail to use for creative tricks, combos, and grinds. 

This rail is shaped like the letter T and is a square rail. This shape is fun to use and the combo possibilities are endless!  In addition to the flat top, the fence style rails also have a lower rail that is close to the ground. While this is difficult to grind, it is a fun challenge! 

Unique Gifts For The Fingerboarder Who Has Everything

If it seems like your fingerboarder already has everything, no worries! Teak Tuning has a variety of unique gifts that aren’t found in many other places. Regardless of how extensive your fingerboarders’ collection is, they’ll be sure to love these additions! 

Finger Shoes

Yes, you read that right… we have miniature shoes for your fingers! Since fingerboarding is a miniature version of skateboarding, it’s fun to use miniature shoes on your fingers while you ride! 

Mini Longboard Deck 

Just like a real-life longboard, the Teak Finger Longboards are completely flat! These boards feature a longboard shape and are perfect for cruising around.

Each board is made of wood and has a slight flex for an authentic longboard feel. While they may not be ideal for traditional tricks, these are a fun addition to any collection.

Pro Duro Grip Tape Tape

Duro Duro Grip Tape is a unique kind of grip tape that is available in multiple different colors, swirls, and glitter infused versions. This grip tape is a new and unique kind of tape that is definitely worth a try! 


  • oatrick

    i really want a new board because i have got a tech deck

  • Ty

    Teak Tuning boards and accessories are AWESOME the Mini Finger Snow Skate is my favorite one i have! Now i just want a Standard 32 mm complete they look sick!
    You Guys are amazing Thanks for making and selling these!
    (p.s. if you haven’t gotten a Teak Tuning board GET ONE NOW)!

  • Will

    Hey guys happy holidays! I just wanted to ask a quick question. The apex wheels are so sick but there also $25-30. Can we maybe bump that down to 20? I’m just wondering because most people using the website are beginners or are just starting. No one wants to be overwhelmed by 30 fingerboard parts. I have no complaints about the product it self I think the wheels are incredible but for 30 bucks I can buy blackriver wheels which I’d rather pay the price for teak wheels. I think what you guys are doing is sick but maybe, just maybe think about it?

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