Teak Tuning Single Bearings (Pack of 4)
Teak Tuning Single Bearings (Pack of 4)

Fingerboard Wheel Bearings, Ultra Spin Edition (Pack of 4)


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★ MATERIAL: Premium Steel
 FREE SPINExtremely Long Free Spin
★ SMOOTHNESS: Moderate
★ BEARING THICKNESS: Thick (Designed for Single Bearing Wheels)

These bearings are our traditional fingerboard wheel bearings.  While they are a bit loud at times and are decently smooth, they have the most free spin of any bearings on the market: give the wheel a spin and it will just keep spinning.  These are our most affordable bearing option.

These universal bearings will fit most single bearing fingerboard wheels.  These shielded ball bearings roll decently smooth and extremely fast.  Great replacement for most single bearing wheels.  Great option when a bearing is lost or broken. Simply replace the broken bearing instead of purchasing an entire new set of wheels.  

Note: please take care when pressing bearings into your wheels, as you can easily damage the bearing during the pressing process.

Includes a free Teak Tuning mini vinyl sticker.

Small Parts. Not suitable for children under the age of 14.

Fingerboard Wheel Bearings, Ultra Spin Edition (Pack of 4)