Which Complete is Right For Me?

If you’re new to fingerboarding, the number of options for each part of the fingerboard may seem overwhelming at first! Buying a complete fingerboard is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you will have everything that you need to set up your new fingerboard.

Whether you want to customize your own or pick one from the Teak lineup, each Teak complete includes everything you need to set up your fingerboard:

  • Fingerboard Deck
  • Fingerboard Trucks
  • Fingerboard Tape
  • Fingerboard Hardware (screws/nuts)
  • Fingerboard Tool
  • Free mini sticker (because who doesn’t love free stickers?)

Certain upgraded completes will also include lock nuts with nylon inserts or Pro Duro Bubble Bushings to level up your hardware and tuning. 

Teak Tuning has a wide variety of complete fingerboard setups so there’s bound to be one that is right for you! 


Beginner and Budget Completes 

If you are new to fingerboard or simply don’t want to spend too much money on a fingerboard complete, then the Standard Complete options will fit your budget. The Standard Completes come with everything you need and are less than $15 each. 


Upgraded Completes 

The Upgraded Completes are similar to the Standard Completes, but each completes includes Bubble Bushings and lock nuts. 

Pro Duro Bubble Bushings are professional bushings that are custom molded. While standard tuning can get the job done, these Bubble Bushings are a game changer for your trucks. They are shaped similar to skateboard bushings that make your trucks feel more responsive. 


Professional Completes 

The Professional Completes are available in 34mm and come with professional shaped Prodigy Trucks and lock nuts. 

The Professional Complete line also includes new Heat Transfer completes. In skateboarding, graphics are applied to the board by a method called heat transfer. As the board slides and grinds across surfaces, the graphic wears down to show the bottom ply of the deck. 

The same graphic method is also used in many fingerboard graphics, and the heat transfer method is considered to be one of the best graphic application methods. These graphics are called “real wear” graphics.


Custom Completes 

Want to pick your own colors and components? You can customize your own complete in the complete customizer section! Simply select your deck, trucks, wheels, and Pro Duro Bubble Bushings. Once you have selected your gear, add the bundle to your cart and a discount will automatically be applied to your complete bundle at checkout.

Want to keep up to date with the new complete releases and updates? Here are a few ways to stay in the loop:

  • Follow Teak Tuning on Instagram and Facebook. Whenever a new product is released, it will be posted on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Check out the “New” section on the website. All new items are added to the “New” section on the website so new items are quick and easy to find.
  • Sign up for texts. Every so often we'll let you know about the new releases we're most excited about! Text TEAKTXT to +1 (844) 901-3721 to subscribe.


  • Keegan Horton

    Hey Teak Team, My name is Keegan Horton. My Youtube is KEEGAN HORTON CLIPS, i have a few video parts that i would like to send to your team! I'm looking to be a factor in this well known team. Whenever yall get the time please email me back! Thanks to you all! (

  • Lincoln Seymour

    can I put a heat transfer graphic on a Carlsbad cruiser? thanks.

  • lalo

    hey teaktunning i always wanted a finger board from u guys but my parents wont buy me i trying to make finger borading video but parent say the yt stuff are fake but bye teak tunning i wish yall could hook me up stuff but its alr ty and bye :)

  • seth

    Can I get a heat transfer graphic and apply it to a 32mm deck?

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Which Complete is Right For Me?