What is a Heat Transfer Graphic?

You may hear the words “real wear” or “heat transfer” in fingerboarding, but what does that really mean?

In skateboarding, graphics are applied to the board by a method called heat transfer. As the board slides and grinds across surfaces, the graphic wears down to show the bottom ply of the deck.

The same graphic method is also used in many fingerboard graphics, and the heat transfer method is considered to be one of the best graphic application methods. These graphics are called “real wear” graphics.


Will my heat transfer graphic wear down over time?

Yes, it will wear down over time as you slide on rails and ramps. The bottom ply of the deck will begin to show through on areas that you slide/grind on often. 


What if I don’t want my graphic to wear? 

If you don’t want your graphic to wear down, you can apply a clear graphic protector over the top or use board rails.


What other graphics do you have?

Teak also has Teak Swap graphic decks! Each deck includes a graphic wrap that you can apply to your deck. When you want to switch out your graphic, simply peel it off and put on a new one. 

Teak Tuning just launched a line of real wear graphics! You can get a real wear deck, or you can snag an entire setup with professional Prodigy Trucks, lock nuts, Pro Duro Bubble Bushings, foam tape, and 100D Polyurethane wheels.


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  • Tandaman

    Hey, if i have a textured deck, can i put a heat transfer graphic on it?

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What is a Heat Transfer Graphic?