What Are Nose and Tail Guards?

The Peeping Yeti Nose and Tail Guards were inspired by nose/tail guards in skateboarding. In both skateboarding and fingerboarding, you can place nose and tail guards on the ends of your deck to prevent the nose/tail from wearing down during slides, to slide smoother, or simply just to look cool. 

The Yeti Nose and Tail Guards feature a subtle Peeping Yeti design on each guard. This design will not negatively impact slides or riding. 

How to install nose/tail guards:

  1. Place the buard in the position that you would like on the nose or tail of your deck, The nose and tail are the rounded ends of the board.
  2. Use a fingerboard tool to place the screws in the holes. Keep in mind that these screws will go into your fingerboard deck and leave permanent tiny holes.
  3. Double check that all screws are tightened. The screws should countersink into the holes so they will not stick out above the rest of the guard material.

Each set is designed and made by Teak in the USA from a high quality plastic material that is great for nose and tail slides. The Teak nose/tail guards are designed to fit the Teak decks, but they will also fit most standard size fingerboard decks. Each set includes 2 guards measuring 22mm wide and 7.5mm long, 5 screws.

FUN FACT: The two holes on each nose/tail guard are the eyes of the Peeping Yeti! If you’d like to match the yeti design with a graphic deck, you can check out the Teak Yeti decks here.

How are the nose/tail guards different to board rails?

Board rails are long straight rails that are placed in the middle section of your board, and the nose/tail guards are half-circle guards that are placed on the nose and tail of your deck (the rounded ends).

What if I lose a screw while applying the nose/tail guards? 

We know that tiny screws can sometimes get lost while you are setting up! That’s why we include 5 screws with each set. You only need 4, but you’ll get an extra screw just in case/

Do I have to use the screws?

If you don’t want to use screws, you can also attach the nose/tail guards using glue or another adhesive of your choice. 

What tool do I use with the nose/tail guard screws?

The screws are compatible with all standard fingerboard tools.

What kind of tool is recommended for application?

Any standard fingerboard tool will work. However, larger tools are easier to grip and handle with small screws. Our fingerboard repair kit includes a large tool that will make the application process quicker and easier. 

Do I have to use silver screws?

Each set comes with silver screws, but you can also purchase black screws to use with your guards.

Are these the same screws that are used with trucks?

No, these are not the same screws that are used with trucks. Truck screws have a flat end, while these screws have a pointed end to go into the deck. While they both use the same tool, the ends of the screws and the thickness are different. 

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What Are Nose and Tail Guards?