The Yeti Tomb: Egyptian Inspired Monument Ramp

Teak Tuning has added a new and unique ramp to the Monument Series of concrete obstacles! The King Yeti Tomb is a fun and unique Egyptian style concrete fingerboard obstacle. 

This ramp features a sloped bank, flat top, and subtle brick texture on the grinding surfaces. The bottom of each ramp sits flush with the surface so you can smoothly and easily ride up the ramp with your fingerboard. 

This ramp is great for riders of all skill levels! Since you can ride onto this ramp using the transition, this ramp is perfect for beginners who can’t do tricks or an ollie to get onto ramps/obstacles. Experienced fingerboarders can also use this ramp to do combos, slides, and grinds. 

The Yeti Tomb also features detailed Egyptian hieroglyphics designs on all sides! These intricate designs are embossed and debossed in the concrete. If you look closely, you can spot the Teak Yeti on a skateboard! 

While the other Monument Ramps have a gray concrete color, the King Yeti Tomb features a new “sepia” colorway to give it an ancient Egyptian aesthetic.  Each ramp is designed, manufactured, and hand poured by Teak Tuning in the USA using high quality and durable concrete. 

The King Yeti Tomb measures 1.75" tall, is 6" long and 2" wide. The top riding surface measures 4" in length, and the slope is 2" long.  Each ramp will also come with a Teak sticker and a sheet of non-slider material that you can cut and place on the bottom of your obstacle. Due to the weight of concrete ramps, non-sliders may not be needed but will always be included.

Just like concrete skateboard obstacles, the Monument Series ramps will start to have a “real wear” look after they have been shredded for a while.


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The Yeti Tomb: Egyptian Inspired Monument Ramp