The Best Outdoor Fingerboard Wheels

Teak Tuning just released brand new fingerboard wheels that are perfect for both indoor and outdoor fingerboarding! The All Terrain Polymer (ATP) wheels are now available in the Apex Wheels lineup!

This latest addition to the Apex Wheel series is made from a custom hybrid polymer material. Despite it’s softer 65D durometer, this custom hybrid polymer blend material is extremely durable and resistant to damage. 

These superior performing, highly durable custom all terrain polymer wheels are completely new to the fingerboard industry and exclusive to Teak Tuning.

The Apex Series ATP wheels feature a low friction grip for a slick and smooth feeling while riding. The All Terrain Polymer wheels are incredibly smooth and will ride seamlessly on any surface, indoor or outdoor. 

Even though these wheels were just released to the public, the Teak Team has been riding these for ages! After hours and hours of testing and hardcore seshing, here’s what our team riders had to say about the new ATP Apex Wheels:

“The new ATP wheels are heavier than urethane, which take your aerial tricks to a new level.” @rocfingerboards 

“The perfect amount of slick on rough surfaces, I’m rather impressed.”

“These wheels are game changers. The feel, the appearance…”

“These wheels roll WICKED smooth and feel WICKED nice.” @eusimentus

 “mmm, smooth.” @thefingerboardqueen

Just like all Apex Wheels, these wheels have a bearing pocket design that locks the bearing into the wheel. Each wheel contains premium bearings with an ABEC-9 rating. These bearings are our highest quality fingerboard wheel bearings. They are extremely smooth and completely silent. These are sturdy bearings that will allow extreme movement and control. However, due to them being greased and completely shielded, they do not have the free spin our "Ultra Spin" Edition bearings do. In actual use, they are extremely responsive and have a very free roll. These wheels have a low “squeak” sound when doing a sharp turn or powerslide due to their low friction. 

If you’d like to try out the ATP Apex Wheels for yourself, you can check them out here!

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The Best Outdoor Fingerboard Wheels