The Best Budget Gear For Summer Fingerboarding

The Summer time is the perfect time to grab a fingerboard and head outside! Whether you want to ride on your back porch or venture out to a street spot, there are plenty of great fingerboard spots to ride outdoors. 

Since fingerboards are small and portable, they are also perfect for traveling! Bring your fingerboard on your trip and find new spots in a new city or vacation spot! 

Here are our top five outdoor budget picks for outdoor fingerboarding this Summer!

Poly Ramps

The new Poly Ramps Series is great for outdoor use and travel! These ramps are lightweight and portable, plus they are designed to stack easily. These ramps can easily be carried in a bag or backpack when you’re out finding new fingerboard spots. 

The Poly Ramp series includes ramps that are made of a synthetic stone-like material that is durable and smooth. This material is much lighter than concrete, but it has a superior durability and is significantly less likely to crack. This material is also waterproof in case you get it wet and it also won’t warp in hot temperatures if you ride it outdoors.

Transition Tape

Have you ever tried to ride a fingerboard ramp or rail that kept sliding around or tipping over? Have you ever used tape to hold the obstacle down, but found that it left a sticky residue on the surface when you took it off? The Teak Transition Tape solves these problems! 

The adhesive on Teak Transition Tape is incredibly strong and will adhere to most clean surfaces, even outdoor surfaces! Unlike many other tapes and adhesives, Teak Transition Tape will not leave a sticky or messy residue once you peel it off most surfaces. Additionally, the adhesive allows you to use the tape, peel it off and use it again multiple times.  

Teak Transition Tape is 15 feet long, 1 inch wide, and features a street inspired “No Fingerboarding” design along the entire length of the tape. Each roll of tape is made in the USA with a premium material and adhesive.

Eco CNC Wheels

The Eco CNC Poly wheels are a great option for anyone who is on a budget but still wants a solid fingerboard bearing wheel option. These wheels may be budget wheels, but they are incredibly durable and perfect for the outdoors.

The Eco CNC Poly Wheels are an 85D and 100D durometers (hardnesses) and are available in multiple shapes and colors. Each set of wheels contains the Ultra Spin bearings which spin fast and long.

Complete Carrier 

If you are fingerboarding on the go and don’t want to lose your setup, the Complete Carrier is the perfect travel accessory! The silicone loop hooks around fingerboard trucks and provides excellent grip for easy carrying. The plastic clip can be attached to any key ring, backpack, bag, belt loop or hook. 

Each carrier is made entirely in the USA and features strong construction for durability.

Fingerboard Travel Bags

Teak Tuning has a wide variety of fingerboard bags to choose from! Whether you’d like a realistic mini backpack, a hard shell case, or a larger tactical style bag, we have something for everyone.

Mini bags are great to use on the go because you can store your fingerboard setups, parts, and accessories in one safe place. 

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The Best Budget Gear For Summer Fingerboarding