Stop Your Ramps & Rails From Sliding or Tipping

Have you ever tried to ride a fingerboard ramp or rail that kept sliding around or tipping over? Have you ever used tape to hold the obstacle down, but found that it left a sticky residue on the surface when you took it off? Teak Tuning recently released a brand new product to solve these kinds of problems - Teak Transition Tape

Teak Transition Tape is 15 feet long, 1 inch wide, and features a street inspired “No Fingerboarding” design along the entire length of the tape. Each roll of tape is made in the USA with a premium material and adhesive. 

The adhesive on Teak Transition Tape is incredibly strong and will adhere to most clean surfaces. Unlike many other tapes and adhesives, Teak Transition Tape will not leave a sticky or messy residue once you peel it off most surfaces. Additionally, the adhesive allows you to use the tape, peel it off and use it again multiple times.  

Teak Transition Tape has many uses in fingerboarding! Here are a few:

  • Create a smooth transition onto a fingerboard obstacle or ramp. Perfect for quarter pipes, barriers, banks, and other transition ramps.
  • Hold down a ramp, rail, or barrier to a surface. No need to worry about your ramps and rails sliding around when you try to use them.
  • Decoration…it may be functional, but it looks pretty cool too! With the realistic street inspired design, you can use this tape in your miniature settings, fingerboard collection, and more.

How to use Teak Transition Tape:

  1. Simply cut a piece of tape from the roll and firmly apply it to your ramp, rail, barrier, or obstacle. 

  2. Once you are done using the tape, peel it off. Each piece of tape can be used multiple times. 

How is Teak Transition Tape different from duct tape or masking tape? 

Teak Transition Tape is significantly stronger than masking tape. The adhesive strength is much more similar to duct tape, but Transition Tape does not leave a residue behind and can be used multiple times.

What texture does it have?

The texture is slightly gritty, yet it is smooth when you ride over it. This also gives it a more realistic “street” look to match the graphic. 

Can I use it more than once?

Yup! You can peel your transition tape up, then switch it over to another ramp or rail. The adhesive on a piece of Transition Tape can be used multiple times before losing its adhesion. 

Will the graphic come off? 

The graphic is embedded into the tape and will not peel off from the tape as you use it. The “No Fingerboarding” graphic seamlessly repeats across the entire length of the tape roll. 

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Stop Your Ramps & Rails From Sliding or Tipping