Pixelated Fingerboard Decks

Teak Tuning just added a new deck to the lineup! The Pixelated Poly Deck is a video game inspired shape with “pixelated” edges and design components!

Whether you grew up playing games with large pixelated graphics, or you’re currently playing popular games with boxy characters and worlds, the new Pixelated Poly Deck is a fun gaming tribute!

This new fingerboard deck features a fun and fresh shape that feels different and fun to ride. Each deck measures 32mm at its widest point and is 100mm long with ultra low kicks and concave. 

The board features an engraved Teak logo, and is 3D printed in the USA using a synthetic plastic material for maximum strength and durability. 

Each fingerboard deck includes a sheet of custom cut foam tape. The shape of the tape matches the shape of the deck, plus the holes are pre-cut.  

This deck is the perfect addition to any collection. While it's not meant to replace your main setup, it is a fun fingerboard to ride! The unique shape, low kicks, and low concave make this board a fun challenge to do tricks on. 

You can pick up the new Pixelated Poly Deck in four different colorways: 8-Bit Blue, Battle Pass Black, Game Over Green, or Power Up Purple

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  • Caden

    Awesome fingerboards keep up the good work

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