New Teak Tuning Deck Shapes

Teak Tuning just added three new board shapes to the lineup! These decks have the same medium kicks and concave of the original Teak Tuning decks, but feature new and unique shapes.

Each of these new boards are available in the classic maple deck style. This style is simple and timeless with 5 cross-grain plies and a classic maple top and bottom.

29mm Popsicle Shape

Shape Overview: The 29mm Popsicle style deck is similar to standard Teak Tuning decks but features a slimmer width. The 29mm width was popular in the early days of fingerboarding and is making a comeback because the slim width spins easier and faster in tricks. The popsicle shape is the standard shape for fingerboarding and is easy to use for all tricks, obstacles, and rails.

Dimensions: 29mm wide, 96mm long

Best Trucks to Use: 29mm Mini Trucks 


PoolParty Shape

Shape Overview: The Poolparty style decks feature a more pointed nose and squared off tail than traditional fingerboard decks. The unique pool shape feels different and fun to ride, especially in bowls and transition fingerboarding.

Dimensions: 33.5mm x 94m 

Best Trucks to Use: 32mm or 34mm Trucks 


Ohhh Shape

Shape Overview: The Ohhh style deck is similar to standard Teak Tuning decks but features a tapered nose and tail shape and a different midsection shape. This unique shape is easy and fun to ride.

Dimensions: 33.5mm x 96mm 

Best Trucks to Use: 32mm or 34mm Trucks


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New Teak Tuning Deck Shapes