New Softer Durometer: 61D Apex Wheels

Teak Tuning launched the new Apex Wheels line this year and the Apex collection continues to grow with new durometers, swirls, and shapes. 

This week, the first 61D Durometer Apex wheels were released! These wheels are made with the same premium urethane, but are a little softer with a little more squeak!  Here’s everything you need to know about the new 61D Apex Wheels:


Are they urethane?

Yes! Just like all Apex Wheels, the 61D durometer is made with the same premium urethane. The 61D urethane feels a little softer than the 71D and 77D options. 


What does 61D mean?

All Apex Wheels are in the “D” durometer shore. A lower number means softer wheels and a higher number means harder wheels. 

Durometers can also be named in the “A” scale. 61D is around the same hardness as 101A Durometer. 


Is 61D softer or harder?

The lower the number, the softer the wheels. 61D Apex Wheels feel softer than the 71D and 77D options that are available. 


Do they squeak?

Yes! Many fingerboarders like to hear a squeak sound as the wheels turn or powerslide. Since 61D is softer, they will squeak on more surfaces than harder durometers. 


What shapes and colors are available?

61D is currently available in the “New Street Shape.” This shape is a “standard” size for fingerboarding, with a 7.7mm diameter and 4.9mm thickness. 


Do they have a bearing lock?

Yes! All Apex Wheels now feature a bearing pocket design. The bearing is locked into place in a bearing pocket and can only be removed with a special bearing press. This prevents and minimizes bearing slip and will ensure that your bearings stay in place. 


How can I keep up to date with the new 61D color releases?

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New Softer Durometer: 61D Apex Wheels