New Pro Duro O-Ring Tuning 

When Teak Tuning first opened in 2014, the original o-ring kits were the first Teak product and are still around today! We’re excited to announce that we have stepped up the o-ring tuning collection with our new Pro Duro O-Rings.

The Pro Duro O-Ring Bushing series are custom molded from an ultra-premium silicone material with a consistent shape and hole placement on every single o-ring bushing. This allows us to keep the same unique shape but offer different durometers (hardnesses) and offer the ultimate level of customization.

The Pro Duro O-Rings feature the OG “donut” shape like traditional o-ring tuning, but each o-ring is custom molded using the same premium materials and process as the Pro Duro Bubble Bushings.

The Pro Duro O-Rings are available in a wide variety of solid colors and swirl colors. Each set includes 4 o-ring bushings and 4 stainless steel washers. If you’re unfamiliar with o-ring tuning, check out this graphic for application instructions:

Each set includes 4 washers, which can be used to secure o-ring bushings, or you can use them without washers for an extra loose fit. When using O-rings without washers, extra care should be used to not overtighten the locknut which can cause damage to the bushing. 

Teak Pro Duro O-Rings are available in three durometers (hardnesses):

51A (Extra Loose) : Great for riders who prefer a super loose feel Maximum movement and most responsive.

61A (Loose) : Great for everyone, including new riders. Loose feel with extreme movement and responsiveness. 

71A (Medium) : Great for experienced riders or those who prefer a tight feel. Moderate movement with a tight feel. 


Pro Duro O-Rings are compatible with most fingerboard trucks. Whether the trucks have a standard kingpin or an inverted kingpin, these o-rings will most likely be compatible. 

Fingerboard Truck Type


Teak Tuning Spacer Trucks

Tested - Fully Compatible

Teak Tuning Prodigy Pro Trucks

Tested - Fully Compatible

Y Trucks

Tested - Fully Compatible *washer snug on kingpin

Blackriver Trucks

Tested - Fully Compatible

Dynamic Trucks

Tested - Fully Compatible

Tech Deck Trucks

Tested - Fully Compatible

UAG Trucks

Tested - Fully Compatible

UAG Trucks

Tested - Fully Compatible

Other Fingerboard Trucks

Untested - but should be fully compatible

How are the Pro Duro O-Rings different to the original Teak O-Ring Kits?

While the general o-ring shape is similar, the Pro Duro O-Rings are an upgrade version that are custom made with multiple durometers and color options. 

How do the Pro Duro O-Rings compare to the Pro Duro Bubble Bushings

The main difference between the Pro Duro O-Rings and the Pro Duro Bubble Bushings is the shape. Pro Duro O-Rings feature the o-ring style shape, while Pro-Duro Bubble Bushings feature a realistic skateboard bushing shape. Both are professionally molded to ensure a consistent shape and hole placement. 

How can I stay up to date with new product releases like this?

Want to stay up to date with the latest Teak Tuning releases? Here are a few ways to stay in the loop:

  • Follow Teak Tuning on Instagram and Facebook. Whenever a new product is released, it will be posted on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Check out the “New” section on the website. All new items are added to the “New” section on the website so new items are quick and easy to find.
  • Sign up for texts. Every so often we'll let you know about the new releases we're most excited about! Text TEAKTXT to +1 (844) 901-3721 to subscribe.

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New Pro Duro O-Ring Tuning