New Florescent Swirl Fingerboard Rails 

Teak Tuning is excited to announce that we now have custom painted Florescent Swirl Fingerboard Rails

Each rail features a durable powder coated base coat with a florescent blend of green, blue, pink and yellow peeking behind a low gloss black mask. Each rail features its own unique pattern, and colorations and patterns will vary slightly on each rail. 

Each rail is carefully made and finished by hand with care. The top surface of the rail is incredibly smooth and is perfect for grinds and slides.

The first batch of Florescent Swirl Rails includes the straight square fingerboard rail. This rail is 10” long and is 1.5” wide. Each rail is made from solid steel and includes foam non-slider material to prevent the rail from moving or slipping during riding.

This classic flat bar style rail is seen in both fingerboarding and skateboarding. The top bar is square with a 0.4” riding surface. This rail is perfect for beginner fingerboarders, pro riders, and anyone else in between! 

Want to check out other rails styles and colors? Click here or go to the “Ramps and Rails” section on Teak Tuning. 

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New Florescent Swirl Fingerboard Rails