New Fingerboard Builder Tool

Since fingerboard hardware is tiny, setting up a complete or making changes to your setup can be challenging for those who are new to fingerboarding, have large or shaky hands, or who need a little extra help. Teak Tuning has created a tool to help assist you when you need a little help with setting your complete.

The Teak Tuning Complete Builder Vise acts as a steady "third hand" to assist you while making tuning or deck modifications, and for building or tearing down complete setups.

This tool is made of durable urethane material. It's equipped with non-scratch white clamp jaws, and resin truck centering fixtures, for a firm hold on your fingerboard when making adjustments.

This tool can assist you with: 

  1. Attaching your trucks to your board. Simply place the deck between jaws with trucks facing upwards, tighten the knurled bolt head until grippers grasp deck sides firmly. Use the blue truck centering fixtures to install trucks to your deck.

  3. Changing your tuning. Flip the board upside down and place it between the white pegs. Adjust the clamp to hold the board firmly, then adjust your trucks or tuning.

  5. Change or adjust your wheels. Clamp the board in the vise to hold your board steady as you adjust or change your wheels.


This tool is compatible with most standard trucks, both Teak Tuning's standard and Prolific line trucks, as well as Y-trucks, Dynamic, Vortex and Blackriver trucks. Great for beginners, riders with larger or shaky hands and anyone who could use an extra "hand" for building and making adjustments.


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  • Emmamuel

    I love this I just might buy this for my finger board

  • Stephanie Riskey

    My resin truck holders didn’t fit in the holes

  • Nate

    Can’t wait

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