New Black Lock Nuts

Have you ever lost a wheel or some tuning while doing a trick because your nut came loose from your kingpin or axel? Lock nuts can help prevent these kinds of accidents by keeping your wheels and tuning on your fingerboard.

Lock nuts are similar to standard hex nuts, but they contain a nylon insert that “locks” the lock nut into place.

Teak Tuning has offered stainless steel (silver) and brass (gold) lock nuts for years, and we are excited to finally add a new kind of lock nut to the collection! The new black lock nuts are solid black and contain a black nylon insert. 

This new black lock nut color is quite unique and will look great on your setup! 

The new black lock nuts are available in packs of 4, 6, and 24. 

Which kind of lock nut should I get?

All three kinds of lock nuts contain nylon inserts and will work great on your fingerboard. You can get a new set of lock nuts here depending on which color you prefer. 

Are the black lock nuts painted or solid black?

The new black lock nuts are solid black. 

What other products include lock nuts?

All Prodigy Trucks and certain completes contain silver lock nuts. As of right now, the only way to get black lock nuts is to purchase them separately. 

How are lock nuts different from regular nuts?

Lock nuts contain a nylon insert that locks it into place on the axel or kingpin. This will decrease the probability of it coming loose. 

If you’d like to learn more about the different parts of a fingerboard, you can check out the Fingerboard Dictionary

How can I keep up to date with new product releases like this?

Here are a few ways to stay in the loop:

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New Black Lock Nuts